Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea Walkthrough: How To Complete & Puzzles Solutions

July 23, 2022

Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea is a bit trickier than Where There’s Smoke, the previous escape room we covered for the video game developed by Coin Crew Games.

Rated 4/5 on the difficulty scale and with a 25 minutes time limit, the Tea ‘N Tea level will cause problems even for the best escapists.

So, you have to bring your A game for the Tea ‘N Tea escape room, especially if you want a good grade.

But if you want a less sweaty experience, you can always check the Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea walkthrough below.

Escape Academy The Quad Walkthrough – How To Complete Tea ‘N Tea Escape Room

To start Tea ‘N Tea, you must first go to The Quad and talk with Professor Bonilla.

The Quad is in the middle of the campus, and you can access it from your map.

However, Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea escape room will unlock only after completing the Rival Room that we talked about in the walkthrough here.

To beat the Tea ‘N Tea level, you have to defuse a bomb made by Professor Bonilla, provided you want The Quad to still be here in the morning.

How To Unlock The Bomb In Tea ‘N Tea

To defuse the bomb, you must first unlock its case. Therefore you need to find the two keys that open the bomb’s case.

One of the keys is in the ignition of the police van, which can be found easily by exploring The Quad’s small area.

The other key is in the ignition of a florist’s van, also easily found in The Quad.

After you’ve collected both keys, go to the bomb, which is in the middle tent.

Use the Police Keychain on the right lock of the bomb’s case and the Flowers Keychain on the left lock.

The case opens, and you are now prepared for the next step in the Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea.

How To Open The Left Side In Tea ‘N Tea Escape Room

Now that the bomb is unlocked, inspect the upper part of the case and pick up the Tea Recipe to the right.

Then inspect the bottom part of the case and notice that it says 900 AM written in white to the left.

Remember that and go to one of the vans from before, it doesn’t matter which one.

Then input the 900 AM code or frequency in the radio and listen carefully to the song whose lyrics go like this:

Alpha. Up. Bravo. Down. Charlie. Down. Delta. Down. Echo. Up. Foxtrot. Up. I. Repeat

DJ Skeaky

Write down the lyrics somewhere and go back to the bomb. Inspect the bottom left part of the case and, with the help of the lyrics from before, crack the code.

If you can’t figure it out, here is the solution:

  • A button must be Up
  • B must be Down
  • C must be Down
  • D must be Down
  • E must be Up
  • F must be Up

As shown in the next image.

Escape Academy Tea 'N Tea Walkthrough

Then press the button under 900 AM, and the left side of the bomb opens, revealing some colored wires.

You should probably also open the right side of the bomb. However, there is plenty to do in the Tea ‘N Tea escape room until then.

How To Unlock The Vans In Tea ‘N Tea Level

It’s time to get to the police tent, located near the police van. Again, the area is small, so getting lost is hard; just look for the blue tent.

Upon entering the police tent, pick up the Campus Police Keycard on the board to the left.

Now go open the back of the police van with the keycard. Inside the van, you’ll notice the Periodic Table of Elements on the left side, and from the right side, you can pick up a Solvent, which will prove helpful later.

With the Periodic Table of Elements in mind, go to the florist’s van and explore the immediate area to find a locked blue toolbox on a wooden table.

There is also a sign that says NaNO which is hard to miss. You probably already figured out that you now must open the blue toolbox, and the key to do this has something to do with the clue: NaNO.

How To Complete Escape Academy Tea N Tea Escape Room

If you return to the back of the police van and cross-reference NaNO with the Periodic Table of Elements, you can get the code for the blue toolbox.

All you have to do is split NaNO into three elements: Na, N, and O.

Then get the number for each element from the Periodic Table of Elements to get the following code: 1178.

Use the code on the toolbox’s lock from before (near the florist’s van) to open it and get the following items:

  • Russian/English Dictionary
  • Bonilla’s Bouquets Keycard

With Bonilla’s Bouquets Keycard, you can open the back of the florist’s van from where you need to pick up another two items:

  • RDX
  • Map of the Quad

There is still a long way to go in completing Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea, but I bet you’ll enjoy the next step, which requires you to build your own bomb.

Tea ‘N Tea Gather The Chemicals Puzzle Solution

I know you’re curious about the purpose of a second bomb when you’re still trying to defuse the first one, but be patient, and you’ll get all the answers.

Now go to the police tent again and inspect the table to the left.

Among other things, on the table, you can see a locked briefcase with the following message to the right of it:

One cup of tea. It’s just for me.

You should now pull out the Tea Recipe you got after opening the bomb’s case at the beginning of the level and read it:

3 Bunches of Tea Leaves

12 Spoonfuls of milk

9 Cubes of sugar

Tea for Three

As you can see, it says the recipe is for three people, and remembering that the message near the locked briefcase says just one cup of tea, you have to adjust the recipe.

Escape Academy Tea N Tea Gather The Chemicals Puzzle Solution

Divide the ingredients by three, and you’ll get: 1 Bunches of Tea Leaves, 4 Spoonfuls of milk, and 3 Cubes of sugar.

Take just the numbers from the recipe, and you get the code for the briefcase: 143.

Opening the briefcase will get you the following items:

  • Door Buster Recipe
  • Plasticizer

Inspecting the Door Buster Recipe will get you the following instructions:

>50% RDX

<30% Solvent

>20% Plasticizer

Once placed, run like hell.

Note to self:

> more than

< less than

The Door Buster

Pin the recipe on your screen and look through your items menu. You should already have the needed ingredients (chemicals):

  • RDX – From the back of the florist’s van
  • Solvent – From the back of the police van
  • Plasticizer – From the previously opened briefcase

If you don’t have the three chemicals listed above, you can still get them now; it’s not too late.

Then go inside the back of the police van and inspect the machine with the red message CHEMICALS MISSING.

Put the chemicals in the machine, and following the Door Buster Recipe adjust the correct amount of each chemical.

You have only one solution for the correct amount, and it’s not that hard to figure out, but if you don’t want to waste time, here is the solution:

  • RDX – 60%
  • Solvent – 10%
  • Plasticizer – 30%
How To Solve Escape Academy Tea N Tea Gather The Chemicals Puzzle

And with that done, you can pick up the Door Buster Bomb.

Now let’s find a door to bust. I’ll give you a hint, the white truck trailer doors you keep walking past and ignore on the road between the police van and the florist’s van, you can’t miss it.

Put the bomb on the doors and run. After the blast clears, you can enter the truck’s trailer, where you’ll find two monitors.

Let’s see how to use all this to open the right side of the bomb in Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea escape room.

How To Open The Right Side In Tea ‘N Tea Level

You can see a bomb schematic in the white truck’s trailer on the monitors. The displayed bomb schematic changes if you press the remote in front of the monitors. You can find out which schematic you need by going to the police tent.

Once in the tent, you can see the schematic you are looking for on the board to the left, where you got the Campus Police Keycard if you remember.

Take a picture of the schematic with your phone or just memorize it and return to the white truck.

Press the remote in front of the monitors in the trailer until you find the bomb schematic you saw in the police tent.

How To Complete Tea N Tea Escape Academy

Then turn your attention to the left monitor, where you can see some white and black dots.

Again, take a picture of the monitor or memorize what you see and go to the middle tent, at the bomb.

Inspect the bomb, more precisely, the bottom right part, and press the eight round buttons to make them look like the dots on the monitor from before.

Then press the square button under them to open the right side and reveal more colored wires.

How To Complete Tea N Tea Escape Room Escape Academy

You saw enough action movies to know that you have to cut some of the colored wires, but you have to learn a little Russian to know which ones.

Good thing you obtained that Russian/English Dictionary way back in the Escape Academy Tea ‘N Tea level.

How To Solve Learn Russian Puzzle In Tea ‘N Tea

Along with the Russian/English Dictionary, you’ll also need the Map of the Quad. You got both items in the section where you unlocked the florist and police vans.

Now go to the florist’s van and inspect the box with the orange top, at the back of the van, on the road. You can see some Russian words with a grid under them on the top of the box.

You can translate the words using the Russian/English Dictionary to get the following message: 3 RED BOUQUETS.

There are some flower bouquets scattered through The Quad, and you probably remember seeing a few while solving the Puzzles in the Tea ‘N Tea escape room.

You only need to find the 3 RED BOUQUETS, and you should do so with the Map of the Quad pined on your screen.

You can see some question marks on the map, which indicate the locations of all the flower bouquets (not just the red ones).

Go to each location and memorize where are the 3 RED BOUQUETS on the map.

You have only six question marks, so it shouldn’t take long. Also, the first thing you want to do is to figure out where you are on the map.

Then go back to the orange box and press the squares on the grid representing the coordinates of the 3 RED BOUQUETS, as shown in the next screenshot.

Escape Academy Tea N Tea Learn Russian Puzzle Solution

Remember, doing this with the Map of the Quad pined on your screen is a lot easier.

After pressing the correct three squares, the box opens, and you can pick up the following items:

  • VHS Tape
  • Clippers

Now go to the police tent one last time and put the VHS Tape in the projector on the left table.

Open the projector screen so you can see the film better and pin the Russian/English Dictionary to your screen.

How To Solve Escape Academy Tea N Tea Learn Russian Puzzle

Try to translate the words you see on the screen with the help of the Dictionary, and you’ll get:

  • RED – NO
  • BLUE – NO

Tea ‘N Tea Escape Room Defuse The Bomb Puzzle Solution

Now that you’ve done your Russian language homework, go to the bomb.

You’ve probably figured out from the film in the police tent that you need to cut the GREEN and YELLOW wires. And you can do so with the Clippers you got before. Then all that remains is to press the DISARM button.

Congrats on a job well done! You’ve completed the Tea ‘N Tea level, but if you didn’t have enough, start the next level, named The Confrontation (check the walkthrough here).

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