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Updated January 16, 2024

Escape Academy Escape Artist is the third escape room or level you’ll unlock at the academy upon completing the Entrance Exam level. In the video game developed by Coin Crew Games, the Escape Artist level takes place inside The Hall Of Escapists, and even though the difficulty level is low, if you wish to obtain a high grade, you’ll have to move quite fast; otherwise, you’ll run out of time.

To help you beat the timer and achieve an excellent grade, the following Escape Academy Escape Artist walkthrough covers in depth all the steps you’ll have to follow and the puzzles you’ll need to complete.

How To Escape the Hall of Escapists

Before we start, it’s worth knowing that there are multiple puzzles you’ll need to figure out in The Hall of Escapists, some of which are pretty difficult. Even though you have 30 minutes to finish the Escape Artist room, if you don’t want to use any hints, it is recommended that you pause the game and learn the steps outlined below.

Otherwise, you may waste time, which, in this case, is quite precious. Now, when the Escape Artist room starts, you’ll meet Professor Slip. After talking to him once, ignore him and all the objects in the courtyard. Instead, cross the courtyard and check the building on the left side, which is, in fact, a classroom.

How To Solve the Still Life Puzzle

The Still Life Puzzle is the first one you’ll have to solve and the first one we’ll cover in our Escape Academy Escape Artist guide. This puzzle revolves around a series of objects you’ll have to find and arrange on the stand in the middle of the class.

If you don’t know what items you need to find, all you have to do is check the list on the wall at the back of the class. You should be able to see the following message: “How to draw good: Bananas, Cheese, Wine. Wait, this is my grocery list…”

Let’s start with the Cheese found on a stool near the stand. In the picture below, you can see it marked by the arrow on the left.

Escape Academy Escape Artist Walkthrough Guide

Upon finding the Cheese, open the locker in the middle (marked by the arrow on the right) to find the Bananas. Grab them and place them along with the Cheese on the stand in the middle of the room. Now, approach the blue chair near the desk and get the bottle of Wine in the bag (pictured below).

Escape Academy Escape Artist Guide

Obviously, you’ll want to place it on the same stand to complete the first Escape Academy Escape Artist puzzle.

How To Open the Locker in the Classroom

To open the locker in the classroom, you’ll need the code provided by the previous puzzle. If you approach the table on the left side, you’ll find a note with the following message: “Find the meaning BEHIND the still life.”

This clue basically tells you that the code to the locker is behind the arrangement you completed earlier. So, head behind the stand and pay close attention to the painted objects. You should be able to spot a code that reads 139.

Head to the locker on the right side and use it to open the lock. Inside the locker, you’ll find some Anti-Invisible Ink required to solve the second Escape Academy Hall Of Escapists puzzle. Let’s see how you can do it.

Colored Switches Puzzle Solution

Upon getting the Anti-Invisible Ink, approach the blue wall with the colored circles painted on it and read the note: “Caution, wet invisible ink.” As you can probably guess, you’ll need to use the Ink you found inside the locker on this wall. Once you do that, you’ll reveal a labyrinth, so we can easily name this the Escape Artist Labyrinth puzzle.

The idea behind this puzzle is pretty straightforward, and all you need to do is to find the color that matches each switch near the door, but there is a catch. Some lines lead to squares where you can notice the + sign. These squares require you to combine colors. For example, Red + Blue= Purple.

To solve this puzzle as fast as possible, I suggest starting from the switches and moving toward the colors. Assuming you only need the solution, then you can see it below:

Escape Academy Escape Artist Colored Switches Puzzle Solution

Starting from the top and moving to the bottom, you’ll want to switch the colors to match the following:

  • Red
  • Purple (results by combining Blue and Red)
  • Yellow
  • Green (results by combining Blue and Yellow)

Awesome job! Now, head inside the storage room and check the second locker to find some Spray Paint. Pick it up because you’ll need it later. After completing the second puzzle in this room, it is time to open the locked office, as it also holds a clue you’ll need to progress.

Hall of Escapists Open Sesame Painting Puzzle Solution

From the current location, head back to the lockers where you found the Bananas and open the first one on the left while facing them. Inside you’ll find a painting also known as Open Sesame Painting.

Pick it up, then place it on the shredding machine by the window. You should also see a small plaque on the right side. After placing the painting, you’ll have to move the eight pieces around and reconstruct the drawing.

Again, it is a good idea to start from left to right, placing Slip’s signature in the lower left corner of the painting. The result should look like the one in my screenshot below.

Escape Academy Escape Artist Open Sesame Puzzle Solution

Again, pay close attention to the Open Sesame painting, and you can notice a sequence of arrows pointing in different directions. This sequence must be used on the panel on the other side of the room to open the last locked door. So, approach the door and press the following buttons:

  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
  • Up
  • Down
  • Down

Eventually, you’ll open the door where you’ll trigger the next puzzle, which is a bit trickier than the previous ones.

Scanner Puzzle Solution

To solve the Escape Academy Scanner puzzle in Escape Artist, first, you’ll want to use the scanner on the right side of the room. Move it from left to right, and you’ll see several three sculptures depicting the following:

  • Well
  • Cube
  • Keyhole 

The last painting depicts a series of shapes you’ll have to use later to figure out how to open the safe in this room. But first, you’ll have to deal with the sculptures. Therefore, head back to the garden and start with the Well Sculpture inside the alcove on the right side as you exit the classroom.

On it, you can see a painting depicting an Empty Square. Following the same logic, you can see an Empty Circle on the Cube Sculpture in the garden. Last but not least, you can see Three Dots on the Keyhole Sculpture in the garden. Now, keep these in mind and head back to the scanner, but this time, move it all the way to the right.

Pay close attention to the grid and notice the position of the three shapes:

  • Empty Square – Left Button, Middle Row
  • Empty Circle – Right Button, Middle Row
  • Three Dots – Left Button, Bottom Row

Great job! Now, turn around and press the buttons on the safe, following the order above. Or the screenshot below.

Escape Academy Escape Artist Scanner Room Safe Code

Upon opening the safe inside, you’ll find a Strange Sculpture and a note that reads: “Face him and knock.”

This clue allows you to unlock another section in the Escape Artist escape room, but first, you’ll have to solve another puzzle.

How To Solve the Door Sculpture Puzzle

The Escape Artist Door Puzzle is also tricky if you don’t know how to connect the clues you found. The first step here is to place the Stange Sculpture or the nose on the large Sculpture on the door. By doing this, you’ll be able to move several elements on the Sculpture. Specifically the mouth, eyebrows, and eyes. But how?

The answer is given by the pink drawing you found in the safe we opened earlier. Basically, in the garden, you’ll find a wall with multiple sculptures, but only three of them have the shape of a vase or two faces. These sculptures reveal the correct positions of the elements you need to move:

  • Mouth – Half open
  • Eyes – Both looking to the right
  • Eyebrows – Both are pointing to the upper right

Here is what your Sculpture should look like.

Escape Academy Escape Artist Door Sculpture Puzzle Solution

Excellent job so far, student! Now, you just entered the Hall of Escapists, and here, you’ll need to figure out how to solve the last three puzzles.

Hall of Escapists Gallery Puzzle Solution

Once you open the door above, head to the main room and notice the large statue. Next to it, there are two keys you’ll want to pick up: Key #5 and Key #2. Grab both of them and open the gate on the right side. If you look up, you’ll see that it has a seven above it. Use both keys and get ready to solve the first Gallery Puzzle.

This puzzle involves four sculptures: Max, Megan, Belen, and Fergus. The solution to this puzzle is found outside on the paintings around the door you just opened. Notice that each Sculpture is facing a specific direction. Your objective is to move them accordingly:

  • Max – Facing left
  • Megan – Facing right
  • Belen – Facing left
  • Fergus – Facing right

Upon solving this puzzle, you’ll find three new keys in the alcove behind the statues: Key #7, Key #4, and Key #3. Get all of them, head back to the lobby, and open the gate with a ten painted above. For this, you’ll want to use Key #7 and Key #3.

Once inside the second gallery, you’ll have to use the clue on the paintings outside. Again, pay close attention, and you can see that three characters in the paintings are damaged. These are the statues you’ll want to smash in the gallery. Specifically Timmy, Michelle, and Windsor, as you can see.

Escape Academy Escape Artist Smash Statues Puzzle Solution

After you complete this objective, get Key# 1 from the alcove, then use it alongside Key #4 to open the last gate. The last puzzle in Escape Academy Escape Artist level is also a bit harder to solve because you’ll have five sculptures you need to move using the clues from the paintings outside.

Take a closer look at the said paintings, and you’ll see that some of them have a fence in common. This fence is used to determine the height of the characters or the height of the sculptures. Your objective is to arrange them based on how tall they are, starting from the left (shortest) to the right (tallest), as follows:

  • A woman with long hair and no glasses
  • Man with glasses
  • Woman with glasses
  • Bald man
  • Man with hat

Again, below, you can see the correct order.

Escape Artist Escape Academy Walkthrough

With the last puzzle complete, head through the door behind the sculptures and follow the linear path leading to Slip’s leaderboard. Tag it using the Spray you found earlier in this level, and you’re done!

This is how you complete the Escape Academy Hall Of Escapists Escape Artist room, but you have a long way to go until you graduate, so make sure you check the next level named Under Pressure.

Welcome to our Escape Academy hub, which covers everything you need to know about the action-adventure puzzle video game developed by Coin Crew Games and published by iam8bit for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Our Escape Academy walkthroughs and guides have been created to help you solve all Escape Academy puzzles and unlock all secrets while exploring the campus. Looking to become an Escape Room Master? This is the best place to start!


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