Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough: How To Complete & Puzzles Solutions

by Vlad
July 14, 2022

Escape Academy Prologue, also known as Introductions, is the first level or the first room you’ll have to escape when you start the video game developed by Coin Crew Games for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

By escaping the first room, you’ll be able to travel to the actual Escape Academy, where your adventure begins; however, before reaching the central hub, you’ll need to solve all Escape Academy Prologue puzzles.

To help you with this task, the following Escape Academy walkthrough explains how to complete all puzzles and all the steps you’ll need to follow to escape the first room.

This walkthrough aims to help you finish Level 1 in Escape Academy as fast as possible without using any hints.

So, here is how to beat Escape Academy Level 1 or how to complete the Introductions room.

Escape Academy Walkthrough – How To Escape The Dungeon Room

When the game starts, you’ll find yourself in a dungeon room, and the main objective is to escape before the time runs out.

You’ll have 10 minutes to escape the room and a lot of items to interact with.

Before moving forwards, though, it is worth pointing out that not all objects are required to escape the first room in the game, so stick to those outlined in the following Escape Academy Prologue walkthrough.

The first object you’ll want to acquire is the Yellow Goblet inside the trashcan on the left side as you enter the room.

Upon getting the Yellow Goblet, turn right, and on the table behind the fan, you’ll see a box. Inspect it and get the Red Globet.

There is also a magazine inside and a note, but you can ignore both.

With the Red Goblet in your inventory, look around to spot a note on an altar on the left side of the room (pictured).

Escape Academy Prologue Walkthrough Guide

Approach the altar and inspect the note. It reads:

If you look, you can never leave! At last, you have uncovered our secret society. As the clock tolls for your death! To know our secret, open your mind to unlock the all powerful key of Truth...

The letter above includes the first major clue in the Escape Academy Prologue.

How To Open The Locked Chest In Prologue

If you pay close attention to the note, you can see that some words have an underline. The idea here is to extract those words from the message, and you’ll get the first clue: Look At Clock To Open Lock.

So to open the lock found on the chest nearby (not the safe), you’ll need to look at the clock.

The wall clock is pretty easy to find on the right side of the locked chest while facing the table.

Escape Academy Prologue Guide

Approach it and inspect the note, which reads:

Clock is broken, pretend it’s 12:30.


This means that to open the Escape Academy locked box in the Prologue, you’ll need to use the code 1230.

Approach the chest and move the numbers on the locker from top to bottom, as you can see below.

Escape Academy Prologue Locked Chest Code

Upon opening the chest, grab the Mysterious Clue and the Blue Goblet inside.

How To Open The Safe In Prologue

The Escape Academy Mysterious Clue is a key item that will help you unlock the Safe in the Dungeon Room.

Basically, this clue is a piece of paper with some colors on it. Those colors indicate the order of some letters which are on the Goblets you have acquired.

So to open the Safe, you’ll need to use the letters on the goblets following the order on the Mysterious Clue:

  • Blue – F (found on Blue Goblet)
  • Yellow – R (found on Yellow Goblet)
  • Red – E (found on Red Goblet)
  • Red – E (found on Red Goblet)

Now that you know the code, approach the Safe on the table and type FREE.

Inside the Safe, you’ll find the Key Of Truth you can use to escape the Dungeon Room.

This will bring you to the next section of the first level, which is the Lobby.

Prologue Walkthrough – How To Escape The Lobby

While in the Lobby, you’ll get the chance to inspect even more items; however, as outlined, not all of them are important.

Assuming you want to escape as fast as possible, first, you should focus on the cards pinned on the board near the door (pictured below).

Escape Academy Prologue Lobby Guide

Make sure you inspect and collect all five flyers because you’ll use them a bit later.

Once they are in your inventory, it’s time to solve another puzzle that involves the TV.

How To Solve The TV Puzzle

The TV Puzzle in Escape Academy Prologue is relatively easy to figure out because all you need to do is to press the buttons on the remote control in the same order as the one shown on the black shirts in the Lobby.

Escape Academy TV Puzzle Solution

As such, approach the remote control and press:

  • Up
  • Righ
  • Down
  • Up
  • Right

Now on the screen, you’ll see the following sequence:

  • WRO
  • RRY

This is another Escape Academy clue you’ll need to figure out; however, the answer is not in the Lobby but inside the back room, near the desk.

Get inside through the door near the desk and turn right to spot another hint which shows a blackboard with some letters on it.

This puzzle may look a bit difficult, but all you need to do is find the letters that correspond to those on the TV screen.

Escape Academy Prologue TV Puzzle Solution

If you do this, you’ll get the following sequence:

  • Jeb
  • Allie
  • Eel

As you can see, these are names, and if you wonder how to use them, the answer is behind you. These names can also be spotted on the cards you picked up earlier.

So turn around, and you’ll see three monitors. Place the cards in your inventory on the monitors in the following order:

  • 1 – Jeb’s Biz Card
  • 2 – Allie’s Biz Card
  • 3 – E.E.L.’s Biz Card

Now, pick up the Key Of Lies from the wall above and return to the Lobby.

Use the Key Of Lies to open the door to the bathroom, then check the third stall with the Out Of Order sign on the door.

Follow the stairs down, and look around for more stairs in the next room. Keep heading down, and you’ll get to the subway, where you’ll meet the Escape Academy Headmaster. Talk to her, then hop on the train to travel to the Escape Academy, where the Entrance Exam level awaits.

And that’s it! You just finished the Escape Academy Prologue, but don’t forget to check our Escape Academy Wiki Hub here whenever you get stuck in the Escape Rooms.

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