Escape Academy The Rival Room Walkthrough: How To Complete & Puzzles Solutions

July 21, 2022

Escape Academy Rival Room is a little trickier to complete than Tea Kettle, the previous escape room we covered in this walkthrough for the video game developed by Coin Crew Games.

The time has come for you to face Gillian and see who is the better escapist, so show the arrogant student that she is no match for you.

Rated 4/5 in difficulty and with a 35 minutes time limit, Escape Academy The Rival Room can cause you a lot of problems.

But no worries, you’ll surely beat Gillian and get the corresponding trophy by following our Escape Academy Rival Room walkthrough.

Escape Academy The Arena Walkthrough – How To Complete Rival Room Escape Room

Everybody is waiting for you, so head to The Arena using the game’s map.

Eel and Professor Slip will host the Rival Room, and The Headmaster seems to be missing the great event, which is unlike her.

The Escape Academy Rival Room is split into five Puzzles, and you’ll have to solve them all as fast as you can.

So let’s get the show started!

How To Fire The Ballista In Rival Room

The first Puzzle in the Rival Room level is by far the easiest.

Immediately after you begin, start looking for some missing gear that goes on the red board at the back of The Ballista.

Open the orange box left of the red board to get a Large Gear.

Then open the white cabinet left of the box from where you got the Large Gear, and inside you’ll find a Small Gear.

And in the black box to the right of The Ballista, you’ll find a Medium Gear.

Go to the red board and arrange the Gear you got to complete the mechanism:

  • The Small Gear goes on the middle support.
  • The Large Gear goes on the bottom left support.
  • And the Medium Gear goes on the far right support.

As shown in the following image.

Escape Academy Rival Room Walkthrough

Then turn the handle on the top left corner of the red board to fire The Ballista and finish your first Puzzle in the Escape Academy Rival Room level.

How To Solve Identify Your Targets Puzzle In The Rival Room

Cross the bridge near The Ballista to start the Rival Room Identify Your Targets Puzzle.

If you go forward upon entering the new area, you’ll find three marked spots and, above them, the following message:


Then, if you check the statues scattered throughout the room, you can see that each figure has a name.

You probably already figured out that three of these statues go in the marked spots. But which ones?

On the glass wall to the right of the room, you can see some names, and if you remember the message from before, you have to pick the three you both see (you and Gillian, who is on the other side of the glass).

So, look for the names that can be seen the same from both sides of the glass.

The name’s letters have to be vertically symmetrical, like X, A, M, Y, etc.

With the information above, you can deduce that the names are: TIMMY, WYATT, and MAX. Like in the next screenshot.

Escape Academy Rival Room Identify Your Targets Puzzle Solution

Therefore, put the statues with the names from before in the marked spots to finish the Puzzle and proceed to the next one in Escape Academy The Rival Room escape room.

Rival Room Balance The Scales Puzzle Solution

Climb the ladder behind the door that opened after completing the previous Puzzle to reach a new area.

After climbing the ladder, head to the left and pick up the different colored weights near the scale, so you have the following: White Weight, Green Weight, Red Weight, Blue Weight, and Orange Weight.

Now, if you interact with the green board to the right of the scale, you can figure out that the next step should be to find how many KG has each weight.

If you press the yellow arrows on the green board, you can see that the weights have either: 1 KG, 2 KG, 3 KG, 4 KG, or 5 KG.

Knowing the possible weights, make your way to the scale; place two weights on the scale to see which one is heavier, and keep doing so until you figure out how many KG each one has.

As you can see, each weight it’s different in KG, so keep that in mind. Next, you can figure out that the heaviest weight has 5 KG, and the lightest has 1 KG.

If you have any problems, here is the solution:

  • Red Weight – 1 KG
  • Blue Weight – 2 KG
  • Green Weight – 3 KG
  • Orange Weight – 4 KG
  • White Weight – 5 KG
Escape Academy Rival Room Balance The Scales Puzzle Solution

Now turn your attention to the three blue seesaws, each with a weight displayed near it that you must match.

Also, the seesaws have multipliers on them, so for example, if you put a 2 KG weight on an x3 slot, you have 6 KG.

With that in mind, start calculating, and you’ll see that there is only one possible solution. If you find it too difficult, let me help you out:

  • 7 KG seesaw – White Weight in the x1 slot and Red Weight in the x2 slot
  • 9 KG seesaw – Green Weight in the x3 slot
  • 14 KG seesaw – Blue Weight in the x1 slot and Orange Weight in the x3 slot

And you’re done with Escape Academy Rival Room Balance The Scales Puzzle.

The Rival Room Rotate The Chamber Puzzle Solution

You’ll have to climb another ladder, go forward, then up some stairs to reach the area where you can complete the next Rival Room Puzzle.

You should first explore the area to notice the three huge and different colored squares.

On the squares’ sides, you can notice different shapes. Each shape has a button on it.

You have to press the buttons in a specific order to complete the Puzzle.

The order from left to right and a hint message are listed on a large panel:


Circle, Spade, Club, Triangle, Square, Diamond, Heart

It’s clear that you can’t reach all the buttons, so you have to use a machine that rotates the huge colored squares.

Escape Academy Rival Room Rotate The Chamber Puzzle Solution

However, you can only use 10 rotations, as the message from the panel states.

You can only rotate two squares at a time using the machine. Considering that:

  • Red + Blue = Purple
  • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Red + Yellow = Orange

The purple buttons rotate the red square and the blue square; the green buttons rotate the blue square and the yellow square; the orange buttons rotate the red square and the yellow square.

The buttons on the left side of the machine rotate the squares anti-clockwise, and the buttons on the right side rotate the squares clockwise.

Also, you have a reset button if you mess things up.

It all sounds confusing, but after giving it a couple of tries, you will surely figure it out.

And if you want to solve the Puzzle fast without wasting time, here is one of the solutions:

  1. Purple right button (clockwise)
  2. Green right button (clockwise) – Press the Circle, Spade, and Club buttons (in this exact order)
  3. Purple right button (clockwise) x 2 – Press the Triangle button
  4. Purple left button (anti-clockwise) – Press the Square and Diamond buttons
  5. Orange right button (clockwise) – Press the Heart button

Do it right, and you can proceed to the last area.

How To Go For The Bronze In Rival Room

In the last area of the Escape Academy Rival Room level, you’ll actually have to solve ten mini Puzzles.

You can start completing the ten Puzzles after inspecting the big brown furniture waiting for you up the stairs.

How To Complete Escape Academy Rival Room Escape Room

The furniture has nine squares in it and a seif in the middle. The squares are the Puzzles, and you’ll have to begin from the one that says START. Also, in the image above, I have listed the order in which you must solve the Puzzles.

To solve this first Puzzle, you have to first observe the nine Puzzle squares, and you’ll notice that five of them are dark and the other four are light.

Copy the exact pattern of the Puzzle squares’ colors. For example, start from the bottom left corner, which is dark, then continue with the next one (up), which is light, the next one dark, the next one light, and so on (basically, one dark, one light, then repeat until you finish).

Do it correctly, and the square opens. Get the key inside and use it on the middle right Puzzle square.

This one opens as well, revealing the following message:


With the following letters underlined: G, E, A, E, D.

The message hints that the next Puzzle square you should address is the one with the bells.

As you can see, the bells have letters on them. Ring the bells using the letters underlined from before to open the square and get the Bronze Medal.

How To Go For The Silver In Rival Room

Your next goal for the Escape Academy Rival Room escape room is the Silver Medal.

With the Bronze Medal from before comes the next message:


With the message above in mind, go to the second square from left to right on the top row.

On this Puzzle square, you have to arrange the image to show a flying pig.

How To Complete Escape Academy Rival Room Level

Then the square opens, revealing a code made from arrows: Up, Right, Up, Left, Down.

To the left of the flying pig square, you can see another Puzzle square but with arrows on it.

You guessed right; you have to input the arrow code from before to open the square and get a bunch of Coins.

Now turn your attention to the top right Puzzle square. As you can see, it has six slots.

In each slot, you can put either one 1 Cent Coin, 5 Cent Coin, or 10 Cent Coin.

The trick is that the total value must be 16 Cents on the first row and on the second row, 12 Cents.

Also, the total value for the first column must be 2 Cent, the second column 15 Cent, and the third column 11 Cent.

Play around with the numbers, and you’ll see that there is only one solution. If you are struggling, here it is:

  • 1St Row: 1 Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent
  • 2Nd Row: 1 Cent, 10 Cent, 1 Cent

Upon solving the previous Puzzle square, you get some Playing Cards:

  1. King Of Hearts
  2. 7 Of Spades
  3. Queen Of Diamonds
  4. 3 Of Cubs

Look around the remaining squares, and you can see a clock in the bottom left corner.

The clock has Playing Cards elements on it, so you should come to the conclusion that you have to match the hands (by clicking on them) like this:

  • Heart hand to K
  • Spade hand to 7
  • Club hand to 3
  • Diamond hand to Q
How To Complete Escape Academy Rival Room

The square opens, and you get the Silver Medal.

How To Go For The Gold And The Trophy In The Rival Room

You can feel the victory now; all that is left is the Gold Medal and the Trophy for the Rival Room.

Along with the Silver Medal, you also get the following message:


Now go to the remaining Puzzle square on the top row and use the code BANE to unlock the square and get some Marbles.

Only one Puzzle square left, the one in the bottom right corner.

The trick is to get the three orange marbles in their corresponding color spot. Same case for the three yellow marbles.

Press the two buttons (orange and yellow) to drop some marbles and figure out how the Puzzle works. Then press reset to start over and do it correctly.

It’s not that hard if you pay attention, but just in case it’s causing you problems, here is the solution:

  1. Yellow
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow
  5. Orange
  6. Orange

And the last Puzzle square opens, revealing the Gold Medal.

Pick up the Medal and put it in its corresponding spot on the seif in the middle. Then do the same for the Bronze and Silver Medals.

The seif opens, getting you the Trophy and beating Gillian by a whisker.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the Rival Room escape room! Now, I suggest you continue with the next level, named Where There’s Smoke covered here.

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