Tales of Arise Bibliophile Sub-Quest: How To Get All Books For Tigrina

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September 19, 2021

Tales of Arise Bibliophile is one of the 70 side quests you’ll need to complete while playing the video game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, and also one of the trickiest because it requires a lot of crafting materials from different locations.

Because of this, the Tales of Arise Bibliophile Sub-Quest is best approached after you finish the story (beat the game) while clearing the remaining quests.

This Sub-Quest is, in fact, focused on exploration, meaning that if you decide to rush through the game, you’ll actually complicate things.

For those who progress through the game slower, taking time to investigate each area, crafting weapons, and fighting all enemies, the Tales of Arise Bibliophile can be completed immediately, as you’ll see below.

Bibliophile Side Quest Details

Tales of Arise Bibliophile is basically a side quest focused on crafting because to complete it, you’ll need to craft a series of books that are Rinwell’s weapons.

There is a total of 5 books you’ll need to craft for the quest-giver, but for them, you’ll need a lot of crafting materials from specific enemies that spawn in distinct areas.

Because of this, if you rush through the game, avoiding fights and skipping areas, this sub-quest can turn into total pain.

On the other hand, if you take your time and deal with all enemies you encounter, you’ll have not only the materials for the weapons but the actual books Tigrina wants.

Now, before we talk about these Bibliophile books’ locations or how to get them, here are some details about this quest.

  • Region: Menancia
  • Area: Auteliana Palace (1F) Library
  • Quest Giver: Tigrina
  • Rewards: Pancake Recipe, 3100 Gald, 185 SP
  • Requirement(s): Free Menancia and recruit Dohalim

This quest has the following objectives:

  • Show Secrets of the Stars
  • Show Nature’s Beauty-type weapon
  • Show Taming Water-type weapon
  • Show Radiant Light-type weapon
  • Show the rarest book
  • Satisfy Tigrina’s hunger for books

Tales of Arise Bibliophile Walkthrough

Tales of Arise Bibliophile Walkthrough

Again, even though this quest is unlocked early in the game, the idea here is to postpone it or take each step at a time.

After you liberate Menancia and Dohalim is in your party, head to the Auteliana Palace (1F) and enter the Library. 

Here you’ll find Tigrina, pictured above. Talk to her, and you’ll start the quest, which involves a series of books.

Here is how to get them.

Secrets of the Stars – How To Get

Tales of Arise Secrets of the Stars Location

Tales of Arise Secrets of the Stars is Rinwell’s starting weapon.

Luckily you don’t have to craft this one, so basically, you already have it.

You can see it above, and all you have to do is to show it to Tigrina.

In exchange, you’ll receive 5x Happy Bottle.

Nature’s Beauty-Type Weapon – How To Get

Tales of Arise Nature's Beauty Type Weapon Location

The next step for the Tales of Arise Bibliophile Sub-Quest is to get the Nature’s Beauty-Type Weapon.

If you played the game accordingly, then you most likely have it. If not, you’ll need to craft it at a vendor; however, this weapon needs materials and 1600 Gald.

Below you can see the materials you need and the enemies (areas) where you can find them:

  • 4x Bizarre Megacore – A very common material dropped by Forest Ropers in Gilanne Woodland, Granilems in Traslida Highway, and Razum Quarry; Earthern Mass in Traslida Highway; or Tempestuous Mass in Mount Dhiara and Aqfotle Hills
  • 1x Earth Stone – This material is dropped by Earthern Mass in Traslida Highway and Tietal Plain
  • 1x Titanium Vambrace – Comes from the Gilanne Woodland Apes and Alpha Reaper Gigant Zeugle in Traslida Highway

After you get these, craft the Nature’s Beauty-Type Weapon for Rinwell and show it to Tigrina to get one Rosemary.

Taming Water-Type Weapon – How To Get

Tales of Arise Taming Water Type Weapon Location

The next book you’ll need to show is the Tales of Arise Taming Water-Type Weapon, pictured above.

This book can be crafted for 890 Gold as long as you have the following materials:

  • 8x Strange Core – Obtained from most lower-level mobs such as Ropers in Ulvhan Grotto and Rudhir Forest; or Golems in Sandinus Ravine and Iglia Wastes
  • 2x Astral Crystal Fragment – This crafting material comes from Cysloda Armored Marksmen in Cysloden and Riville Prisoner Tower; or from Cysloda Armored Spearman in Cysloden in Riville Prisoner Tower

Once again, after you get the materials, craft the weapon and show it to Tigrina, who gives you a Magic Emblem.

Radiant Light-Type Weapon – How To Get

Tales of Arise Radiant Light Type Weapon Location

Next, we move to the fourth book you can see above.

The Tales of Arise Radiant Light-Type Weapon can be crafted for 1440 Gald along with the following materials:

  • 6x Bizarre Megacore – These crafting materials come from Forest Ropers in Gilanne Woodland, Granilems in Traslida Highway and Razum Quarry, or Earthern Mass in Traslida Highway and Tietal Plain
  • 2 x Clam Tentacle – A common material dropped by Shellshockers in Safar Sea Cave and Traslida Highway

Craft the book, then show it to Tigrina to receive a Red Rosemary.

Rarest Book – How To Get

Tales of Arise Rarest Book Location

Finally, to complete the Bibliophile Sub-Quest, you’ll need the Tales of Arise Rarest Book you can see in my screenshot.

This is the trickiest one for two reasons.

First, because the Rarest Book, which is, in fact, the Heavenly Gaze, won’t unlock until close to the end of the game.

And second, because the materials for it also come from mobs that spawn in areas, you’ll reach at the end of the story.

On top of this, you’ll need 19,580 Gald to craft it. Here is where to find the materials:

  • 6x Mystical Luminacore – You can get these from Blooming Ropers in The Wedge, Magmalem in Berg Volcano, Gnome Guarder in Earth Spirit Temple, or Lavalem in The Otherworld
  • 2x Ominous Eyeball – These come from Astral Sloth in Tarfhal Helgarahi and Mash Boomy in The Otherworld
  • 2x Incendiary Scale – Dropped by Blast Bee in Gegham Helgarahi, and Bee Prisma in The Otherworld

Once you get all these materials, craft the Heavenly Gaze and pay one last visit to Tigrina.

She’ll give you the Elder Cloak for Rinwell, and you’ll also receive all rewards listed above for completing the Tales of Arise Bibliophile Sub-Quest.

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