Tales of Arise DLC Bonuses & Add-On Packs: How To Redeem All Items

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
September 10, 2021

Tales of Arise DLC Packs include a series of items you may want to use the moment you begin your adventure in the latest video game released by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Along with some really impressive costumes, the DLC Packs come with unique weapons, boosters, Gald, and much more.

Some of these DLC Packs are included in the game’s editions or can be purchased independently.

Since the DLC Packs or the Tales of Arise Add-ons can be quite confusing at first, below, we’ll talk about each and every one of them.

Basically, we’ll go over all Tales of Arise Add-Ons available at launch, and I’ll tell you how to get them, what items are included in each pack, and how to claim them in the game.

Tales of Arise Claim DLC Bonuses Packs

Tales of Arise Standard, Deluxe & Ultimate DLC

Let’s start with the Standard, Ultimate, and Deluxe Editions of Tales Of Arise, as they are sold with a lot of DLC Packs.

Standard Edition DLC Pack

Tales Of Arise Standard Edition comes only with the Pre-Order Bonus Pack, which means that if you buy this edition after the game’s release, you won’t be able to claim any items.

Assuming that you pre-ordered the game (aka, bought it before the release date), you may wonder what is the Pre-Order Bonus Pack. Or what it contains.

Simply put, this is, in fact, the Dual Wings Pack we’ll cover below.

Ultimate Edition DLC Packs

Next up is the Tales Of Arise Deluxe Edition, which comes with a total of 5 DLC Packs: 

  • Premium Travel Pack
  • Adventurer’s Pack
  • Premium Item Pack
  • Premium Costume Pack
  • Pre-Order Bonus Pack

Again, we’ll go over all of them below.

Deluxe Edition DLC Packs

Finally, we have the Tales of Arise Deluxe Edition, which, as you can see, includes a total of 7 DLC Packs, and it’s also the most expensive.

If you bought it, you got the following:

  • Premium Travel Pack
  • Adventurer’s Pack
  • Premium Item Pack
  • Premium Costume Pack
  • Collaboration Costume Pack
  • 18 additional costumes
  • Pre-Order Bonus Pack

Now that you know what’s included in each edition, let’s see what is inside every pack.

This will eventually help you decide what edition to buy and what pack.

All Add-Ons & DLC Packs Contents

Before we move forward with each Pack, it’s worth mentioning that some of them can be purchased independently, but to avoid confusion, we won’t discuss the price of each add-on because it varies based on your location.

Pre-Order Bonus Pack Content

Tales of Arise Pre-Order-Bonus Pack DLC How To Claim

As mentioned, the Pre-Order Bonus Pack is included in all 3 editions of the game, but only if you pre-ordered it.

This means that as of today, it can’t be purchased separately, and you can’t access it unless you pre-ordered the game before launch.

The Pre-Order Bonus Pack comes with the following items, and it is also known as the Dual Wings Pack:

  • Reconciler Armor (Alphen Costume)
  • Noble Ash Armor (Shionne Costume)
  • Void Black Tiara (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Left Balck Wing (Attachment)
  • Right Balck Wing (Attachment)
  • Right White Wing (Attachment)
  • Left White Wing (Attachment)
  • Mabo Curry Bun Recipe (Cooking Recipe)
  • Fisherman’s Hot Pot Recipe (Cooking Recipe)
  • 2 x Wheat (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 2 x Pork (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 2 x Tofu (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 2 x Pepper (Cooking Ingredient)
  • Salmon (Cooking Ingredient)
  • Mackerel (Cooking Ingredient)
  • Mushroom (Cooking Ingredient)
  • Eastern Rice Recipe (Cooking Recipe)
  • Rice (Cooking Ingredient)
  • Egg (Cooking Ingredient)
  • Fruit Sandwich Recipe (Cooking Recipe)
  • Strawberry (Cooking Ingredient)
  • Lemon (Cooking Ingredient)
  • Milk (Cooking Ingredient)

Premium Item Pack Content

Tales of Arise Premium Item Pack DLC How To Get

Next, we have the Premium Item Pack, which is available if you purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition.

Unlike the previous one, though, this can be purchased separately.

If you decide to get it, inside the pack, you’ll find:

  • 5 x Life Bottles (Healing Items)
  • 100.000 Gald (Currency)
  • 10% Off General Store Boost (General Store items are cheaper)
  • 20% SP Boost (Boosts the SP gained in battle by 20%)
  • 20% XP Boost (Boosts the XP gained in battle by 20%)
  • 5 x Sage (Consumable used to raise Max HP) 
  • 5 x Lavender (Consumable used to raise Attack)
  • 5 x Verbena (Consumable used to raise Defense)
  • 5 x Rosemary (Consumable used to raise Elemental Attack)
  • 5 x Saffron (Consumable used to raise Elemental Defense)
  • 5 x Chamomile (Consumable used to raise Penetration)
  • 5 x Jasmine (Consumable used to raise Endurance)
  • 5 x Red Sage (Consumable used to greatly raise Max HP) 
  • 5 x Red Lavender (Consumable used to greatly raise Attack)
  • 5 x Red Verbena (Consumable used to greatly raise Defense)
  • 5 x Red Rosemary (Consumable used to greatly raise Elemental Attack)
  • 5 x Red Saffron (Consumable used to greatly raise Elemental Defense)
  • 5 x Red Chamomile (Consumable used to greatly raise Penetration)
  • 5 x Red Jasmine (Consumable used to greatly raise Resistance)
  • 10 x Rice (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 20 x Rappig Meat (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 30 x Pepper (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Tofu (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 20 x Wheat (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Potato (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Mushroom (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Tomato (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Milk (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Chicken (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Pork (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Salmon (Cooking Ingredient)
  • 10 x Carp (Cooking Ingredient)

Premium Costume Pack Content

Tales of Arise Premium Costume DLC Pack How To Unlock

The Tales of Arise Premium Costume Pack includes a large number of costumes and several weapons you can use the moment you start the game, giving you a huge advantage against your opponents.

The Premium Costume Pack is included in both Ultimate and Deluxe Editions, and it can also be purchased separately. It includes:

  • SW-EQ01M (Alphem Costume)
  • SW-INSIGHT (Alphen Haircut Style)
  • SW-EQ02F (Shionne Costume)
  • SW-IVY (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • New World Trailblazer (Alphem Costume)
  • New World Ponytail (Alphen Haircut Style)
  • Protoblade Alma (Alphen Weapon)
  • World Unifier (Shionne Costume)
  • World Unifier Ponytail (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Protoarm Aegies (Shionne Weapon)
  • Ceremonial Owl Garb (Rinwell Costume)
  • Ceremonial Owl Cap (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Book of Owl Wisdom (Rinwell Weapon)
  • Ceremonial Wolf Garb (Law Costume)
  • Ceremonial Wolf Hood (Law Haircut Style)
  • Ceremonial Wolf Tail (Law Attachment)
  • Ceremonial Wolf Blades (Law Weapon)
  • Pre-Guard Getup (Kisara Costume)
  • Bygone Ponytail (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Old Guard Shield (Kisara Weapon)
  • Chic Vagabond (Dohalim Costume)
  • Stealthy Turban (Dohalim Haircut Style)
  • Kingly Staff (Dohalim Weapon)
  • Alphen Buddy (Alphen Attachment)
  • Shionne Buddy (Shionne Attachment)
  • Rinwell Buddy (Rinwell Attachment)
  • Law Buddy (Law Attachment)
  • Kisara Buddy (Kisara Attachment)
  • Dohalim Buddy (Dohalim Attachment)

Premium Travel Pack Content

Tales of Arise Premium Travel DLC Pack How To Unlock

If you are not into costumes and haircut styles, the Tales of Arise Travel Pack is something worth considering if you want to substantially boost your characters. 

Again, it is included in both Ultimate and Deluxe Editions, and it can be bought separately.

Here is what it contains:

  • 50% Off Engraver – This artifact allows you to get a 50% discount at the Engraver
  • Minimalist Weapon Forging – This artifact reduces the amount of each material needed to forge weapons to 1. Not by 1 to 1
  • Minimalist Cooking – Similar to the previous artifact, Minimalist Cooking reduces the amount of each ingredient needed for cooking to 1
  • 30% Off General Store – This artifact allows you to get a 30% discount at General Stores
  • Double Cooking Effect Time – This artifact doubles the duration of all effects your characters get from cooking 
  • +1000 SP ( x 4) – This boost increases your character’s SP

Level-Up Packs

Tales of Arise Booster Pack How To Unlock

Next, we move to several add-ons that allow you to boost the levels of all your party members.

These add-ons are not included in any of the game’s editions and can be purchased separately.

If you do this after you pay and claim their content, as explained below, all your characters will level up instantly.

There are several packs that do this, but their prices vary depending on the boost they offer:

  • +10 Level Up – This pack levels up all your characters ten times, and there are two packs available
  • + 5 Level Up – This pack levels up all your characters 5 times, and there are 4 packs available

Starter Pack Content

Tales of Arise Starter Pack DLC Location

Similar to the previous add-on, the Tales of Arise Starter Pack is not included in any of the game’s editions, but it can be bought from the store.

It is relatively cheap for the items it includes:

  • – 20% CP Cost – This artifact reduces the CP spent on artes by 20%
  • + 5 Level Up – Boosts your characters’ levels by 5
  • 100.000 Gald – In-game currency
  • +1000 SP – SP Boost

Gald Packs

Tales of Arise Infinite Gald

Also, in the store, you can find four Gald Packs.

All of them cost the same, and all of them contain 100.000 Gald. 

Collaboration Costume Pack Content

Tales of Arise Collaboration Costume Pack Items Locations

The Tales of Arise Collaboration Costume Pack is also worth considering because it is rather cheap and it comes with 6 different costumes.

This is included in the Tales of Arise Ultimate Edition or can be purchased from the store.

Along with the items below, you’ll also get a 300 SP Boost.

  • Mia’s Blood Veil (Shionne Costume)
  • Mia’s Hat (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Colorful Session (Rinwell Costume)
  • Colorful Session Hair (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Silent Assassin (Kisara Costume)
  • Nina’s Ponytail (Kisara Haircut Style)

School Life Triple Pack Content

Tales of Arise School Life Triple Pack Costumes List

Tales of Arise School Life Triple Pack is yet another pack included in the Ultimate Edition.

This pack is divided into two parts. One includes costumes for all female characters, and the other one for all male characters.

If you don’t have the said edition, you can buy the full puck (male & female costumes) from the store, and along with a 600 SP Boost, you’ll also receive the following:

  • Girl’s School Uniform A  (Shionne Costume)
  • Girl’s School Uniform B  (Shionne Costume)
  • Girl’s School Uniform C (Shionne Costume)
  • Student Ponytail A (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Student Ponytail B (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Student Ponytail C (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Owl Uniform A (Rinwell Costume)
  • Owl Uniform B (Rinwell Costume)
  • Owl Uniform C (Rinwell Costume)
  • Pigtail Beret A (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Pigtail Beret B (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Pigtail Beret C (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Fiery Teacher Suit A (Kisara Costume)
  • Fiery Teacher Suit B (Kisara Costume)
  • Fiery Teacher Suit C (Kisara Costume)
  • Fiery Teacher Glasses A (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Fiery Teacher Glasses B (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Fiery Teacher Glasses C (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Boy’s School Uniform A  (Alphen Costume)
  • Boy’s School Uniform B  (Alphen Costume)
  • Boy’s School Uniform C (Alphen  Costume)
  • Asymmetric Hair (Alphen Haircut Style)
  • Uniform with Hoodie A (Law Costume)
  • Uniform with Hoodie B (Law Costume)
  • Uniform with Hoodie C (Law Costume)
  • Popular Slick Back (Law Haircut Style)
  • Principal Coat A (Dohalim Costume)
  • Principal Coat B (Dohalim Costume)
  • Principal Coat C (Dohalim Costume)
  • Principal Slick Back (Dohalim Haircut Style)

Warring States Triple Pack Content

Tales of Arise Warring State DLC Costumes Locations

If School Costumes are not interesting for you, then the Tales of Arise Warring States Triple Pack DLC might be, as it allows you to make all your characters look like samurai. 

It’s also included in the Ultimate Edition and, just like the previous one, it comes in two sub-packs.

One containing male costumes and one containing female costumes. Both of them are sold separately and include one 300 SP Boost.

Here is the complete list of items in the Triple Pack DLC:

  • Battlemaid Outfit A (Shionne Costume)
  • Battlemaid Outfit B (Shionne Costume)
  • Battlemaid Outfit C (Shionne Costume)
  • Battlemaid Braid A (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Battlemaid Braid B (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Battlemaid Braid C (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Demonic Stole A (Rinwell Costume)
  • Demonic Stole B (Rinwell Costume)
  • Demonic Stole C (Rinwell Costume)
  • Demonic Cap A (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Demonic Cap B (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Demonic Cap C (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Female Samurai Armor A (Kisara Costume)
  • Female Samurai Armor B (Kisara Costume)
  • Female Samurai Armor C (Kisara Costume)
  • Female Samurai Knot A (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Female Samurai Knot B (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Female Samurai Knot C (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Samurai Armor A (Alphen Costume)
  • Samurai Armor B (Alphen Costume)
  • Samurai Armor C (Alphen Costume)
  • Samurai Knot (Alphen Haircut Style)
  • Gale Shinobi Costume A (Law Costume)
  • Gale Shinobi Costume B (Law Costume)
  • Gale Shinobi Costume C (Law Costume)
  • Shinobi Locks A (Law Haircut Style)
  • Shinobi Locks B (Law Haircut Style)
  • Shinobi Locks C (Law Haircut Style)
  • Shogun Regalia A (Dohalim Costume)
  • Shogun Regalia B (Dohalim Costume)
  • Shogun Regalia C (Dohalim Costume)
  • Shogun Headwear A (Dohalim Haircut Style)
  • Shogun Headwear B (Dohalim Haircut Style)
  • Shogun Headwear C (Dohalim Haircut Style)

Beach Time Triple Pack Content

tales of arise beach time dlc costumes list - GameClubz

The last Costume Pack you can buy is the Tales of Arise Beach Time Triple Pack.

Even though the summer is over, this pack will make all your characters look like they are ready to go swimming.

It follows the same logic as the previous two, meaning that is it divided into two smaller packs and comes with a 600 SP boost.

Here is everything it includes:

  • Heroic Surf Shorts A (Alphen Costume)
  • Heroic Surf Shorts B (Alphen Costume)
  • Heroic Surf Shorts C (Alphen Costume)
  • Beach Hair (Alphen Haircut Style)
  • Rapscallion Wetsuit A (Law Costume)
  • Rapscallion Wetsuit B (Law Costume)
  • Rapscallion Wetsuit C (Law Costume)
  • Diver’s Curls A (Law Haircut Style)
  • Diver’s Curls B (Law Haircut Style)
  • Diver’s Curls C (Law Haircut Style)
  • Explosive Swim Briefs A (Dohalim Costume)
  • Explosive Swim Briefs B (Dohalim Costume)
  • Explosive Swim Briefs C (Dohalim Costume)
  • Lively Headband A (Dohalim Haircut Style)
  • Lively Headband B (Dohalim Haircut Style)
  • Lively Headband C (Dohalim Haircut Style)
  • Regal Swimsuit A (Shionne Costume)
  • Regal Swimsuit B (Shionne Costume)
  • Regal Swimsuit C (Shionne Costume)
  • Tropical Ponytail A (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Tropical Ponytail B (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Tropical Ponytail C (Shionne Haircut Style)
  • Rapscallion Swimsuit A (Rinwell Costume)
  • Rapscallion Swimsuit B (Rinwell Costume)
  • Rapscallion Swimsuit C (Rinwell Costume)
  • Swimming Hair A (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Swimming Hair B (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Swimming Hair C (Rinwell Haircut Style)
  • Vacation Bikini A (Kisara Costume)
  • Vacation Bikini B (Kisara Costume)
  • Vacation Bikini C (Kisara Costume)
  • Women’s Half-Up Hair A (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Women’s Half-Up Hair B (Kisara Haircut Style)
  • Women’s Half-Up Hair C (Kisara Haircut Style)

Relief Support Pack Content

tales of arise relief support pack items list - GameClubz

The Tales of Arise Relief Support Pack is also worth buying if you don’t want to worry about surviving the upcoming battles.

And anything in general, to be honest.

It includes:

  • 99 Consumables – This artifact increases your carrying capacity for consumables to 99
  • 15 Grape Gels – Restores 2800 HP to one ally
  • 15 Lemon Gels – Restores 2000 HP to one ally
  • 100.000 Gald – In-game currency
  • 100 Max CP Boost
  • 1000 Max HP Effect Boost
  • 1000 SP Boost

Growth Boost Pack Content

Tales of Arise Growth Boost Pack Items Contents

Finally, we have the Tales of Arise Growth Boost Pack, which comes with 3 important artifacts and a +1000 SP Boost.

These artifacts are:

  • Double Combat Points – This artifact grants you double CP earned in battle
  • Double EXP – This artifact doubles the EXP earned in battles
  • Double SP – This artifact doubles any SP earned in battle

How To Redeem DLCs & Add-Ons

If you wonder how to redeem the Tales of Arise Deluxe or Ultimate Edition DLCs or the pre-order bonuses, then you should know that it’s quite easy.

  • Start a New Game or load a previous save
  • Open the Game Menu
  • Go to System, then pick Unclaimed DLC Items
  • Select the DLC or the pack you want to claim
  • Finally, press Triangle (PS) or Y (Xbox)  to redeem all items included in the DLC or Pack

This method applies to all Tales of Arise DLCs, packs, and bonuses listed above.

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  1. You have access to the DLC items as soon as you are given control over Alphen at the very beginning of the game. Do you know if when you use the dlc for leveling and SP, does it only apply to the characters have at the time or will the characters I haven’t unlocked yet still receive the benefits?

    1. All benefits are account bound and character bound. Basically, the level boosts will apply to your characters the moment you unlock them. For example Dohalim. When you unlock him he’ll instantly level up. Even if you start a new game, you’ll still be able to claim them.

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