Tales of Arise Iglia Wastes Collection Points Locations Guide

September 14, 2021

Tales of Arise Iglia Wastes Collection Points are also important because they provide a lot of Cooking Ingredients you’ll need during your adventure in the latest video game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

On top of this, the Iglia Wastes Collection Points and the items you’ll loot from them allow you to complete several Sub-Quests since the NPCs will ask you for items found here.

As such, below we’ll talk about all Iglia Wastes Collection Points locations featured in Tales of Arise, and to make your search easier, we’ll use a custom map showing all of them.

Iglia Wastes Collection Points Map

As you can see on the map below, Iglia Wastes is far richer in loot than Sandinus Ravine.

Obviously, you can check the locations I have marked whenever you want since all areas are accessible from the beginning.

Tales of Arise Iglia Wastes Collection Points Locations

Collection Points Locations In Iglia Wastes

Following the order on the map above, you can retrieve the following items from the Iglia Wastes Collections Points:

  1. Potato (x3) – Found on the eastern side of Iglia Wastes, close to the mountain wall, as you move north from Ulzebek. There are 3 Potato plants you can harvest here.
  2. Mushroom (x2) – These are found inside a house close to a very large tree.
  3. Wheat (x3) – Near the large tree by the road, you’ll see three Wheat plants. Loot all of them.
  4. Apple Gel (x1) – Behind the tree where you found the Wheat, there is a house and inside on the floor is a sack with Apple Gel.
  5. Apple Gel (x1) – Found close to the mountain wall as you go under the large arcade in the mountain. Look left while moving north.
  6. Potato (x3) – Also near the eastern mountain wall, behind some bushes.
  7. Lavender (x1) – At the end of the canyon.
  8. Wheat (x3) – There are three Tales Of Arise Wheat plants waiting for you under a smaller tree at the location marked above.
  9. Carp (x1) – You’ll find it swimming in the small pond on the right side of the temple.
  10. Carp (x1) – Also in a pond but on the other side of the same temple.
  11. Potato (x3) – On a small hill close to the temple. A Golem is protecting the plants.
  12. Apple Gel (x1) – Under the large tree overseeing the valley. Look for a sack near the tree’s trunk.
  13. Wheat (x3) Found at the edge of the hill. Use the western vines to get on top of the hill and look for three Wheat Plants at the marked location.
  14. Orange Gel (x1) – Inside a demolished house on the same hill as the previous Iglia Wastes Collection Point.
  15. Potato (x2) – On the right side of the stone stairs leading to a chest. Use the easter vines to climb to the upper section.
  16. Wheat (x3) – After you discover the previous Collection Point, head right around the mountain to find three additional Wheat plants.

These are all Collection Points locations in the Tales of Arise Iglia Wastes area of Calaglia but do not leave until you find the three Mining Points revealed in this guide.

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