Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Mining Points Locations Guide

September 14, 2021

Unlike Zionne Mine Tunnels, the Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Mining Points are a bit harder to find unless you take your time to fully explore the second area in the video game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

That’s because Sandinus Ravine is also bigger than the mines we already explored; however, throughout the guide below, I’ll tell you where to find all Sandinus Ravine Mining Points locations, so you can collect every single item from them.

This is basically the second area you’ll have to cross in Calaglia on your way toward Ulzebek.

Sandinus Ravine Mining Points Map

As you can see on my map below, there is a total of 4 Sandinus Ravine Mining Point locations you’ll need to visit.

You can do this when you enter this region following the story or later.

A good idea is to clear this area when you work on completing the Supply Procurement sub-quest, which also takes place here.

Tales of Arise Sandinus Ravine Mining Points Locations

Mining Points Locations In Sandinus Ravine

As usual, following the order on the map above, you can retrieve the following items from the Sandinus Ravine Mining Points:

  1. Antidote Rock -Found in an upper section, which can be accessed by climbing the vines on the wall. It can’t be spotted from below, but you can see some flames nearby.
  2. Antidote Rock – Found just south of the Sandinus Ravine Camping Point in a tunnel.
  3. Antidote Rock – This Mining Point is found in a small tunnel in front of the Mantis. You can mine the Antidote Rock here without fighting the boss.
  4. Paralaxstone (x3) – Finally, there is one last Mining Point at the end of a narrow tunnel on the left side while heading towards the Ulzebek transition point.

Once you are done mining these 4 locations, make sure you locate all 6 Sandinus Ravine Collection Points, then feel free to leave this area and enter Ulzebek.

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