Tales of Arise Zionne Mine Tunnels Collection Points Locations Guide

by Vlad
September 14, 2021

When you start your Tales of Arise adventure, you can get your hands on several useful items by finding the Zionne Mine Tunnels Collection Points.

Although they do not count as Tales of Arise collectibles, the Collection Points play an important role because by finding them, you can loot crafting materials, resources, and other goods your party can use in battle.

As such, below we’ll discuss all Tales of Arise Zionne Mine Tunnels Collection Points locations featured in the video game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Zionne Mine Tunnels Collection Points Map

As you can see on the Zionne Mine Tunnels map below, in this area (which is quite small and linear), there are three Collection Points.

You can get the items found here during your first visit, or you can travel here later.

Zionne Mine Tunnels are found south of Sandinus Ravine, an area you’ll visit while playing the Supply Procurement Sub Quest.

Tales of Arise Zionne Mine Tunnels Collection Points Locations

Collection Points Locations In Zionne Mine Tunnels

Following the order on the map above, you can retrieve the following items from the Zionne Mine Tunnels Collections Points:

  1. Apple Gel – A medicinal gel that restores 400 HP to one ally. Found in front of some barrels at the southernmost point of the tunnels.
  2. Jasmine – Found in the eastern tunnel. Look for it on the right side as you face the dead-end.
  3. Apple Gel – Located on the left side of a shelf. Look on the ground for a sack.

These are all Collection Points locations in the Tales of Arise Zionne Mine Tunnels area of Calaglia but do not leave until you find the two Mining Points revealed in this guide.

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