Tales of Arise Hunger Averted: Where To Find 3 Wheat and 3 Potato

by Vlad
September 15, 2021

Tales of Arise Hunger Averted is another Ulzebek fetch quest and one of the 70 side quests you’ll need to complete while playing the video game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Hunger Averted is a very short fetch quest, as long as you know where to look for two quest items which are also cooking ingredients.

These ingredients are Wheat and Potatoes. 

So, below we’ll talk about these two delicious ingredients, their locations, and the Hunger Averted sub-quest.

Hunger Averted Side Quest Details

Tales of Arise Hunger Averted is basically the second side-quest you can play in the video game.

It is unlocked very early while playing the Battle Preparations main quest, along with Supply Procurement and Giant Zeugle Hunt.

Here is everything you need to know about it:

  • Region: Calaglia
  • Area: Ulzebek
  • Quest Giver: Woman Cook
  • Rewards: 700 Gald, 190 SP, Steamed Potatoes Recipe
  • Requirement(s): Start Battle Preparations main-quest

Tales of Arise Hunger Averted Objectives

This quest has the following objectives:

  • Acquire 3x Wheat
  • Acquire 3x Potato
  • Deliver the materials to the client

Hunger Averted Walkthrough

Obviously, in order to complete this quest, first, you’ll need to start it.

As such, head to the central area of Ulzebek and look for a woman standing in front of a house near the round fountain.

This is your quest giver.

Tales of Arise Hunger Averted Walkthrough

When you talk to her, the Woman Cook tells you that the people of Calaglia are starving, and she needs cooking ingredients.

Specifically, 3 Wheat and 3 Potatoes.

Let’s see where you can find these.

How To Get 3 Wheat

Wheat is a very common cooking ingredient that can be found almost everywhere.

Assuming you don’t want to buy it and because you should not buy it, you have several options to get it:

So, from your current location, you can choose:

Here is what the Tales of Arise Wheat looks like.

Tales of Arise Hunger Averted Wheat Locations

Where To Find Get 3 Potato

The Tales of Arise Potato is also a very common ingredient that can be easily found as long as you look for the Potato plant, not the actual Potato.

Again, you have several options to get Potatoes:

If you’re going for the latter method, head north from Ulzebek and enter Iglia Wastes.

Now, using the Iglia Wastes Collection Points guide here, you’ll find Potatoes at Collection Points 1, 6, 11, and 15.

Again, you’ll want to look for green plants that look just like these.

tales of arise hunger averted potatoes locations - GameClubz

Now that you know where to find both Wheat and Potatoes, make sure you get the required ingredients, then return to the Woman Cook in Ulzebek and hand them over.

Once you do that, the Tales of Arise Hunger Averted Sub-Quest is complete.

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