The Ascent: How To Deploy Black ICE Against Hacker Enemy

by Vlad
August 5, 2021

The Ascent Black ICE is an achievement you can earn on Xbox and PC if you know how to deploy the Black ICE against a hacker enemy. 

The Ascent Black ICE achievement is worth 25 Gamerscore points, and it is best approached when you reach Corpzone on Tier: Highstreet in the video game developed by Neon Giant.

In case you need help unlocking it, simply follow the steps below, and you’ll get it in no time. 

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What Is The Ascent Black ICE And How To Deploy It

Black ICE is your character’s ability to hack devices. 

In the video game, you’ll use this ability to open doors, hack ATMs, unlock loot chests, and even hack turrets to help you during a fight.

Assuming you just started the game, Black ICE can be deployed by pressing and holding down Y on your Xbox controller.

Where To Find Hacker Enemies

Hacker enemies spawn randomly in the world; however, it seems that they prefer the Corpzone district, and that’s why you’ll want to visit this specific area for the achievement.

The Ascent Hacker Enemies Locations

You’ll know that you are attacked by an enemy hacker simply by paying close attention to your character and noticing when a yellow aura appears around him.

As you can see in my image below, my character is attacked by a hacker enemy, judging by the yellow circles.

The Ascent Black ICE How To Deploy

How To Unlock The Black ICE Achievement

To unlock this achievement, follow these easy steps:

  • Fast travel to Corpzone using a taxi
  • Now, head towards the large bridge between Corpzone and The Umbilical
  • When you reach the bridge, the camera changes, so you’ll know you are in the right spot
  • When crossing this bridge, you’ll most likely encounter a hacker enemy
  • Pay close attention when he tries to hack you and immediately press and hold Y to counter his attack
  • If you can’t find any enemy hackers on the bridge, leave the Tier, then return to the same spot so the enemies can respawn

As a tip, this achievement should be unlocked after you finish the story and all side missions (alongside the Snooze Or Lose achievement).

You can find the full Ascent missions list here.

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