The Ascent Humidity Doctor: How To Plant Bacteria In Black Lake Towers

by Vlad
August 2, 2021

The Ascent Humidity Doctor is a side-mission you’ll be able to trigger quite early in the video game developed by Neon Giant; however, because it requires your presence in Black Lake Towers, it may prove problematic.

To help you finish the Humidity Doctor mission in The Ascent, the following video game guide covers everything you need to know about it, including how to get to Black Lake Towers, how to plant bacteria, and how much you’ll have to wait for them to grow.

Before we start our Ascent Humidity Doctor walkthrough, though, let’s go over several FAQs and general details about this mission.

What Is Humidity Doctor?

Humidity Doctor is a simple delivery side mission in The Ascent.

When Should You Start The Humidity Doctor Mission?

You can start this mission after Mutual Dependencies; however, you won’t be able to complete it right away.

What Do You Get For Completing Humidity Doctor?

For finishing this side mission, you’ll get 9,000 XP, 600 Ucred, and the Speedheal Module.

Where To Find Black Lake Towers?

Blake Lake Towers is a district found in Tier: Warrens. It’s located southeast of Nitroad and south of Cluster 13.

Where To Find Doctor Humidore (Humidity Doctor Quest Giver)?

Doctor Humidore is found southwest of Cluster 13 Train Station in Warrens Tier.

You can see his location on the map below as well as his in-game position. 

Look for an NPC watching down the balcony in front of a pharmacy. 

How To Get To The Ascent Black Lake Towers

After you talk to the strange doctor, your first objective is to go to Black Lake Towers.

Now, if you approach this mission as soon as it becomes available, you may be confused because you won’t be able to get to the said location.

That’s because The Ascent Black Lake Towers become available later in the game and can be unlocked via main missions.

This means that even though Doctor Humidity is a level 13 side mission, you’ll have to postpone it for now and focus on the main missions. 

Specifically Trading Places and even Empowerment.

Once you finish Trading Places and while playing Empowerment main mission, you can take a break and visit Blake Lake Towers.

Assuming you know how to fast travel in The Ascent, call a taxi and visit Black Lake Towers.

This district should now be available since the main missions mentioned above will take you there.

Your goal is to reach the southeastern corner of this region, as you can see.

The Ascent Black Lake Towers Location

How To Plant Petri Dishes Bacteria In Black Lake Towers

In order to plant the Black Lake Towers Petri Dishes Bacteria, you’ll have to enter a laboratory.

The door is easy to spot because there is a loot chest in front of it.

If you can’t find it, look for the laboratory on the western side of the search area on my map above.

The door is locked by an Ice: 1 system, so just press and hold Y to hack it. 

Once inside, there are three planting spots. 

You can see them below, and they are really easy to find since they look like crates.

One is on the left side as you enter, one is on the right side, and the third is in the back of the room. 

Simply get close to them and press the corresponding button (X) to plant all 3 bacteria.

The Humidity Doctor Bacteria Growing Time

Good, so now that you planted the bacteria, it’s time for you to wait until they grow.

If you want to know how long do you have to wait for bacteria to grow, then the answer is around 1 hour in real life.

So, in the meantime, focus on other missions or do some exploration; then, you’ll receive a message that you can harvest the bacteria.

At this point, things are straightforward.

Return to the Black Lake Towers building, get inside, and harvest the bacteria.

The final step requires your presence at Cluster 13, where Doctor Humidore awaits for the developed bacteria.

Once you talk to him, The Ascent Humidity Doctor side-mission ends.

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