The Ascent Plug & Play: How To Get Components for Grigori

August 5, 2021

The Ascent Plug & Play is a fetch side-mission during which you are asked to find 5 Scrapland Components and build a bot for Fouch, an NPC in Stimtown.

Although this is actually a simple task, there is a possible bug you may encounter while playing this side-mission in the video game developed by Neon Giant.

This bug or glitch, however, is not as bad as the one you’ll most likely notice in The Dark Horse side mission; however, just in case you stumble upon it, below I’ll tell you what you have to do to get the Scrapland Components and finish the Plug & Play mission in The Ascent.

Let’s start from the beginning with the usual FAQs and general information. 

What Is The Plug & Play?

Plug and Play is a delivery side mission in The Ascent.

When Should You Start The Plug & Play Mission?

The recommended level for this side mission is 25, so you can start it during one of your visits to The Node, but because it is a high-level mission, you may want to level up a bit.

What Do You Get For Completing Plug & Play Side Mission?

For finishing this side mission, you’ll get 70.000 XP and the Tentakill Augmentation.

Where To Find The Components?

The Components are found in the Scrapland segment of Tier: Highstreet.

Where To Find Fouch (Plug & Play Quest Giver)?

Fouch is found in the Stimtown district on Tier: Warrens.

Look for him inside the Plug & Play club.

You can see the club’s location on the map below as well as Fouch.

Where To Find Grigori In The Node

After you talk to Fouch, your first objective is quite clear.

By the time you reach this quest, you most likely know how to fast travel in The Ascent, so call a taxi and go to Arcology: The Warrens.

Head to the elevator on the left side, then when you reach Tier: Highstreet, call another taxi and visit The Node.

In case you can’t get to The Node, focus on playing the game’s main missions to unlock it.

When you get to the location marked on your map, look for Grigori’s Hardware Shop, which is impossible to miss because of the large billboard above the entrance.

Here is Grigori.

The Ascent Plug & Play Grigori Location

How To Get To Scrapland

After you talk to Grigori, you’ll be asked to go to Scrapland.

From your current location, go around his desk, and in the back room, you’ll find an elevator like the one below.

This is your way inside Scrapland.

The Ascent How To Get To Scrapland

How To Get The Ascent Scrapland Components

Once you get to Scrapland, your objective is, again, very clear. 

You’ll need to kill a lot of bots within the red search area in order to 5 get components. 

Just so you know, the components are dropped by all three types of bots in this region, but the drop rate is very low, so you’ll need to spend some time here.

Here are the bots that drop these Scrapland Components. Simply defeat them to get these items.

The Ascent Scrapland Components Locations

Possible Plug & Play Bug: Patrol Bots Not Spawning

As mentioned, this quest might be bugged for some players.

The bug basically prevents the robots from spawning. Or, simply put, you won’t be able to see any enemies in the area.

If this happens, completely close the game, then restart your console.

If the bug persists, progress the game’s story by completing the next main mission in line.

After you get all 5 Components for this quest, head back to Gregori, then return to Fouch to claim your rewards and remove Plug & Play from your Ascent missions list found here.

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