The Ascent Silicon Optics: How To Install All VR Cameras

Written by Vlad Susanu
August 4, 2021

The Ascent Silicon Optics is one of the 28 side-missions in the video game developed by Neon Giant, and to complete it, you’ll have to install a total of 5 VR Cameras for Harlan.

Installing the VR Cameras in The Ascent, though, is not as easy as you may think, and this mission is, in fact, one of the longest in the game, simply because you won’t be able to complete Silicon Optics right away.

To finish this mission, simply follow the guide below, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it and when you should approach it.

What Is Silicon Optics?

Silicon Optics is a fetch side mission in The Ascent.

When Should You Start The Silicon Optics Mission?

The recommended level for this side mission is 22, so although you can start it the moment you reach Cluster 13, to be able to complete it, you’ll need to finish Syntax Error Main Mission.

What Do You Get For Completing Silicon Optics?

For finishing this side mission, you’ll get 55.000 XP and 22.000 Ucreds.

Where To Install The VR Cameras?

Harlan’s VR Cameras must be installed in specific locations, districts, and Tiers, all of them being listed below.

Where To Find Harlan (Silicon Optics Quest Giver)?

Harlan is found just south of the Cluster 13 Train Station.

He is overseeing the district from a balcony.

You can see his location on the map below as well as his in-game position.

The Ascent All VR Cameras Locations

After you talk to Harlan, your objective is straightforward. 

You are asked to install 5 VR Cameras, the first one being in Gratitude.

At this point, what you need to do is completely forget about this mission and focus on progressing the game’s story up to the point when you reach the Pinnacle.

This happens during the Syntax Error Main Mission, which means that you’ll want to approach this quest before starting the Recompile Main Mission.

If you ask yourself why, well, there are several reasons:

  • After you finish Syntax Error, you’ll get access to all areas where these VR Cameras must be installed
  • You’ll be able to move faster using the Taxi
  • You’ll also have enough Ucreds to spend on the said Taxi
  • Most enemies you’ll encounter will die almost instantly

Where To Install VR Camera In Gratitude

So, assuming you finished Syntax Error, fast-travel to Gratitude and look for the camera near the lightning spot below.

After you install it, interact with it again to call Harlan.

The Ascent Gratitude VR Cameras Location

Where To Install Harlan’s VR Camera In The Grinder

Once you talk to Harlan, the next camera you have to install is the one in The Grinder.

Press left on your D-Pad, then use a taxi to travel to The Grinder.

As you can see, the camera must be installed on a balcony overseeing the city. Impressive world, isn’t it?

The Ascent Grinder VR Cameras Location

Where To Install The VR Camera In The Umbilical

Once you call Harlan, travel to Archology: The Warrens, then take the elevator on the left side to reach Tier Highstreet.

Call a taxi and head over to The Umbilical.

As you can notice in my screenshot, this camera must be installed on a helipad.

The Ascent Umbilical VR Cameras Location

Where To Install The VR Camera In Scrapland

The fourth camera is the one in Scrapland.

From your previous location, just call a taxi to take you there, then look for the camera in the southern part of the area. 

It is next to a container you can’t miss because one of the game’s side missions starts here.

The Ascent Scrapland VR Camera Location

Where To Install The VR Camera In The Pinnacle

The last camera Harlan wants to be installed is the one in The Pinnacle.

Take a cab from Scrapland and go to Archology Highstreet.

Now use the northern elevator to get to The Pinnacle.

The camera must be installed on another balcony in the backyard.

the ascent pinnacle vr camera location - GameClubz

Now that you installed all of Harlan’s VR Cameras, the only thing left to do is to pay him a visit and claim your rewards for the Silicon Optics side mission.

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