The Ascent One More Rep: Where To Find Merle In Stimtown

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
August 6, 2021

The Ascent One More Rep is a side-mission you can start in the video game developed by Neon Giant after you finish Anabolic Express, and to complete it, you’ll have to find Merle once again, but this time in Stimtown.

One More Rep is very similar to Anabolic Express and can’t be played unless you finish the first side mission for Atticus.

Therefore, below, I’ll tell you how to finish One More Rep and where to find Stimtown in Ascent along with Merle. 

But first, let’s go over some general details and FAQs.

What Is One More Rep?

One More Rep is a delivery side mission in The Ascent.

When Should You Start The One More Rep Mission?

The recommended level for this side mission is 5, so you can start it immediately after Anabolic Express, but you won’t be able to finish it right away because you can’t reach Stimtown.

What Do You Get For Completing One More Rep?

For finishing this side mission you’ll get 30.000 XP and the Overclock Augmentation.

Where To Find Stimtown?

It is found in Tier: Warrens, west of Cluster 13 district.

Where To Find Atticus (One More Rep Quest Giver)?

You can find Atticus or the quest giver in Cluster 13 district on Tier: Warrens.

You can see his location on the map below as well as his in-game position.

He is working out at the gym southeast of Cluster 13 Train Station.

How To Get To Stimtown

Once you talk to Atticus at the gym, things are, once more, straightforward. Your goal is to get to Stimtown and find Merle.

Stimtown is located on your current floor, which is The Warrens.

So to find Merle, you need to head west towards Stimtown pictured below.

The Ascent Stimtown Location

The only problem is that you won’t be able to get there because, most likely, the bridge you’ll need to cross is destroyed.

In order to unlock Stimtown, you’ll need to play the Trace Protocol Main Mission.

If you do that, you’ll be able to cross the bridge in Ascent and find Merle.

Where To Find Merle In The Ascent Stimtown District

Now that you know how to get to Stimtown, finding Merle is extremely easy.

He is found in the center of the region.

You can see his map location below, as well as his in-game spot.

Look for him in front of the Crafting Shop, near a vehicle.

After you find Merle, your final task is to return to Atticus.

As you can guess, you’ll need to go back to Cluster 13.

Obviously, you can move faster using the taxi service, now that you know how Fast Travel works in The Ascent.

After you get your rewards, One More Rep is completed, so feel free to pick another side mission from those listed here.

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