The Ascent Missions List: All Main & Side Quests

Written by Vlad Susanu
August 4, 2021

If you wonder how many Main Missions and Side Missions are in The Ascent, the story-driven RPG developed by Neon Giant, then the long answer short is 40.

Precisely there are 28 Ascent Side Missions and 12 Main Missions or quests you’ll have to finish for all corresponding Xbox achievements.

Therefore, below we’ll talk about the full list of Ascent missions so you don’t miss any of them.

The Ascent Side Missions List

The Ascent Missions List

As you probably noticed, the Ascent missions are divided into two categories, so this list is also divided into categories to help you track the missions you must complete.

Main Missions:

When it comes to the Ascent Main Missions, things are pretty straightforward because these are linked, and the game will always guide you to the next one in line.

You can see the current Main Mission via the main menu in the Map & Missions tab.

Here are all The Ascent Main Missions:

  1. Arcology Blues

  2. Mutual Dependencies

  3. Trading Places

  4. Empowerment

  5. Data Miner

  6. Foreign Code

  7. Trace Protocol

  8. Syntax Error

  9. Recompile

  10. Board Meeting

  11. Root Access

  12. Unhandled Exception

Side Missions:

The Ascent Side Missions are a bit trickier because you’ll need to find the corresponding quest givers in order to play them.

This means that you’ll have to scout each tier and district in the game to find them; since the markers don’t appear on your map unless you are in that district.

Furthermore, NPCs inside houses don’t appear on the map at all until you get inside the same building.

To help you get these missions, the list below includes links to those that are the most difficult to find.

In no particular order, these are all Ascent side missions available:

  1. The Stash
  2. Gear Up!
  3. Anabolic Express
  4. Balls Deep
  5. Bubble Trouble
  6. Double Charge
  7. Humidity Doctor
  8. Silicon Optics
  9. One More Rep
  10. Lost and Found
  11. The Dark Horse
  12. Exotic Dinner
  13. Prison Break
  14. Wash-N’-Go
  15. Gen 9 H2O
  16. You Snooze You Lose
  17. Plug & Play
  18. The Recipe
  19. The Champ
  20. That Guy
  21. Liberation Operation
  22. Dreadful Situation
  23. Dreaming High
  24. Casino Courier – The NPC for this mission is found inside Golden Satori Casino. Travel to Tier Highstreet, then use the platform on the left side of the elevator to get to the casino. Talk to the cashier and deliver the money for him
  25. Casino Courier II – Upon completing Casino Courier return to the same cashier and start this hidden side-mission. Deliver the money to Twisty in Blossom Hills.
  26. Casino Courier III – After Casino Courier II, head back to the same cashier in the Casino and pick up this hidden mission. This time you’ll be asked to deliver the money to Polter Dee in The Node.
  27. Casino Courier IV – Once again, return to the cashier and pick up more money. This time you’ll have to find Won Harting in Pinnacle
  28. Casino Courier V – Finally, once you finish Casino Courier IV, talk to the cashier and pick up the money you need to deliver to Salucious D in Cosmodrome

Make sure your list coincides with the one above, and if you have questions, let me know in the comments below.

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  1. All side missions complete but dreaming high does not appear. Completed all quest by taxi drop-off from large creature and now he says all complete. Any suggestions??

  2. Me and a friend played together via online. We have done all the quests (on my acc) and only casino 4 and 5 where left. We took a break and he wasn’t coming back for a while so stupid me played the casino 4 alone and now he can’t grab his achivment for completing all quests. Is there a way to replay a certaint mission, or to do it with the console (like “complete “)?

  3. It only let me do casino courier once. I returned to the cashier area where he was the first time and he was not there. I have casino courier in my side mission list and a check mark in the box.

  4. I can’t start the mission Liberation operation. I have completed all side quest and main quest. Does anyome know what to do?

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