The Ascent Recipe: Where To Find Chef’s Hab In Blossom Hill

August 7, 2021

The Ascent Chef’s Hab or Lanier’s Apartment is a location you’ll have to investigate to find a recipe for one of the 28 side-missions in the video game developed by Neon Giant.

The Ascent Lanier’s Apartment is found in Blossom Hill, and so is the recipe you’ll need to steal; therefore, in the following guide, we’ll cover its location and basically everything you need to know about The Recipe side-mission.

Before we start, let’s go over some general details and FAQs you may have.

What Is The Recipe?

The Recipe is a fetch side mission in The Ascent.

When Should You Start The Recipe Mission?

The recommended level for this side mission is 20, so you can start it when you enter Stimtown district on Tier Warrens, but since the mission requires your presence in Blossom Hill, you’ll have to continue progressing the story (play main missions), until you get there.

What Do You Get For Completing The Recipe?

For finishing this side mission, you’ll get 38.000 XP and 10.000 Ucred.

Where To Find Chef’s Hab?

Chef’s Hab is found in the northeastern part of Blossom Hill on Tier: Warrens.

Where To Find The Recipe?

The recipe is located in the Chef’s Hab or Lanier’s Apartment, on the second floor, as explained below.

Where To Find Sal Mon (The Recipe Quest Giver)?

Sal Mon is found in Stimtown.

You should be able to spot him at a table on the left side of an elevator.

You can see his location on the map below as well as his in-game position.

Where To Find Flamingo In The Ascent

Once you approach Sal Mon, your first objective is to find and talk to Flamingo.

Luckily for you, this quest takes place later in the game, and by the time you play it, you most likely know how to call a cab.

So, take a taxi to Cluster 13, then walk to the objective marker on your map.

You’ll find Flamingo inside a small store like the one below.

The Ascent Recipe Flamingo Location

Where To Find The Chef’s Hab In Blossom Hill

After you talk to the Yoda-like NPC named Flamingo, the second objective is to get to Blossom Hill and find the Chef’s Hab.

This location is actually an apartment that belongs to a guy named Lanier.

If you already unlocked Blossom Hill, call another cab and travel there.

If Blossom Hill is uncharted, focus on the next main mission you have available since all districts in the video game are unlocked via story missions.

Assuming you unlocked the area, head to the marker on your map and look for a building with exterior stairs.

It has several floors, and the Chef’s Hab is on the second one.

You can see the entrance to Lanier’s Apartment in my screenshot. Notice that it’s behind a front door. 

The Ascent Chefs Hab Location

After the elevator ride, take your time to explore the area.

If you want to find only the Chef’s Hab, head down the corridor on the right, then on your right side, you’ll see another corridor.

The apartment is on the left side of the second corridor.

Where To Find The Recipe In Lanier’s Apartment

Inside Lanier’s Apartment, there are several Datapads you should access; however, if you want to find only the recipe, head right the moment you enter.

Cross the ground floor, then you’ll see some stairs that take you to the second floor.

In front of the bathroom is the bedroom, and the recipe is stored on the Datapad you can see sitting on the table in front of the bed.

The Ascent Recipe Location

Now that you found the recipe for Sal Mon, obviously, you’ll need to deliver it, so you’ll have to go back to Stimtown where the mission started.

Simply talk to him, and The Ascent Recipe mission ends.

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