Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Crypto Hired Gun Private Danza Guide

August 26, 2022

Crypto Hired Gun Private Danza is a short but bloody Odd Job side quest available in the Bay City area of Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed.

The Odd Job is an assassination mission that rewards you with 8 Furotech Cells, provided you also complete the optional objective: destroy smugglers’ defenses.

There will be a lot of shooting involved, and knowing how to complete the objectives efficiently will help a lot.

Therefore, throughout the following guide, I’ll provide tips and screenshots to make the side mission as easy as it can be for you.

Where To Find Crypto Hired Gun Private Danza

The first thing you must know is that to unlock the side quest, you need to complete the previous Odd Job we covered for the Bay City area, named Ruined The Draft Dodger.

The mission giver for the Odd Job is located in front of a building next to the military base in the northeastern corner of the Bay City area, as you can see on the map below.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Crypto Hired Gun Private Danza Map

You need to have a soldier disguise to speak with the NPC. So use bodysnatch on a soldier by spamming the Y button (Xbox).

Then talk to the sergeant to find out what is required of you to complete the mission.

How To Destroy Smugglers’ Defenses

The mission’s main task is to dispose of private Danza. But you should first focus on the optional objective of destroying the smugglers’ defenses.

I found that the easiest way of completing the optional objective is to ignore the soldiers as much as you can and go straight for the military vehicles (smugglers’ defenses) marked with white rhombuses.

A good way of destroying the vehicles is to pick up a soldier with PK (psychokinesis) by holding RB, aiming at the smugglers’ defenses, and releasing RB after a second or two to do the most damage.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Crypto Hired Gun Private Danza Guide

You don’t need to destroy all the vehicles in the Crypto Hired Gun Private Danza mission, just six of them.

How To Kill Private Danza

Now that you completed the optional objective, you can go for private Danza, which is in the big ship’s cargo bay in the northeastern corner of the military base.

If you have problems finding him look for the soldier with the white hexagon above his head.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Crypto Hired Gun Private Danza Walkthrough

You can see the white hexagon on your map and radar, even through the ship.

Don’t forget that PK slam is an efficient way to kill humans. To activate PK slam, you must first pick up a human or object by pressing RB and then press LS RS to transform whatever you picked up into a weapon.

Anyway, private Danza is not that hard to kill; the tricky part is getting to him with all the soldiers shooting at you.

So fight your way to the private or just dodge the soldiers. It would be best to use the jetpack for the second option.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that you can reach the ship’s cargo bay through a hole in the middle of the top deck.

Now all that is left to do is kill private Danza to end the Odd Job mission in the video game developed by Black Forest Games.

How about an Arkvoodle Cult mission now? If interested, start Flip Up The Flyppies and fully complete it with the help of this walkthrough.

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