Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed No Pox Please We’re British Guide

August 26, 2022

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed No Pox Please – We’re British is the first main mission you can complete in Albion.

In the mission, you’ll have to defeat the game’s second boss, among many KGB agents.

The mission is quite long, and if you want to get all 13 Furotech Cells and 2 Furotech Reactors, you also need to complete the three optional objectives:

  • Use chemical barrels to kill KGB agents
  • Critical hit Oranchov using Anal Probe
  • Use the Anal Probe to kill KGB agents

If nothing else, I bet the optional objectives made you curious about the mission of the video game developed by Black Forest Games, so complete it with the help of the following walkthrough.

Where To Find No Pox Please We’re British

To start the mission, you must first travel to Albion.

The second area becomes available only after completing the last main mission in Bay City, named Guns Of Alcatraz (covered in depth in this guide).

Upon landing in Albion, you’ll see Pox near the landing zone, waiting to give you your next task.

Check the map below if you got lost somehow in Albion and can’t find Pox.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed No Pox Please We're British Map

How To Use Cortex Scan To Find The KGB Base

Pox has reasons to believe agent Oranchov is in Albion, and you have to track him down.

Start by using Cortex Scan (press the Up arrow on your D-pad) on the people in the highlighted zone on your map (north side of Albion).

The first clue leads you to Hyde Park (follow the yellow hexagon), where you must use Cortex Scan again.

And the second clue hints that there are some old tunnels under Hyde Park, where you can find the KGB base in No Pox Please – We’re British.

The entrance to the tunnels can be found at the construction site east of Hyde Park. Follow the yellow hexagon to get to the said location easier.

How To Use Chemical Barrels To Kill KGB Agents

The construction site is guarded by a bunch of KGB agents.

You can complete the first optional objective by going down the slope in the middle of the construction site and using the chemical barrel marked with a white rhombus to kill three KGB agents.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed No Pox Please We're British Guide

Pick up the barrel with your PK (psychokinesis) by holding RB (Xbox) while aiming at it. Then aim at a group of preferably three agents, and release the RB button to kill them.

If you don’t get three agents with the chemical barrel, don’t worry, there will be more chemical barrels as you advance in the main mission.

How To Reach Oranchov’s HQ

Down the slope where you got the chemical barrel earlier, go through the left tunnel, and open the door.

Inside you have more agents and another chemical barrel, so if you didn’t before, you could complete the first optional objective here.

Make your way through the tunnels killing the agents trying to stop you, and you’ll soon reach a closed door.

Use the keypad to open the door and enter Oranchov’s HQ to see what’s next in No Pox Please – We’re British.

How To Defeat Oranchov

After a cutscene, you have to fight Oranchov, who is now some kind of mutant.

Use the Disintegrator Ray on him, it won’t do much damage, but it will eventually get the job done.

It’s important trying to dodge his attacks because, man, they hurt! Also, don’t stand in the green puddles for obvious reasons (they also damage you).

And don’t forget to get behind cover when you’re low on shields. It takes a couple of seconds to regenerate, so stay put.

When you drop Oranchov’s health bar low enough, he will run away; you probably thought that was all, but surprise, surprise, there is more to do in the main mission.

How To Chase Down Oranchov And Collect The Data Core

Go through the door opened by Oranchov and chase him down.

You’ll find some guards along the way, but they shouldn’t cause you too much trouble.

You’ll reach a dead-end shortly and a data core.

Collect the data core to unlock a new weapon named Anal Probe; no additional commentary is needed about the name of the gun.

You can now use your new weapon to open the unusual door blocking your progress. Of course, we all know what the door resembles.

Don’t forget to transmogrify some objects into ammo for your Disintegrator Ray. Also, you’ll get ammo for the Anal Probe from now on.

To transmogrify an object, aim at it and press X.

Go through the unusual door and practice with your new weapon on the agents standing in your way, who I’m sure will regret messing with you.

You’ll find another locked door after a short distance. Open the door using the keypad to start a cutscene leading to another fight with Oranchov in No Pox Please – We’re British.

How To Critical Hit Oranchov Using Anal Probe

You get to kill Oranchov this time around, I promise! But to complete the second optional objective, you have to land a critical hit on him with the Anal Probe, which doesn’t sound fun at all for the Soviet spymaster.

To do a critical hit, you have to charge the new weapon by holding the RT button and release it when your target changes color, as shown in the next screenshot.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed No Pox Please We're British Walkthrough

You can focus on killing Oranchov once you complete the optional objective.

How To Kill Oranchov

As you can see, if you hit the boss with the Anal Probe, he changes his form back to normal.

So you can switch to another weapon like the Disintegrator Ray to do more damage, and when Oranchov transforms again, use the Anal Probe to repeat the process.

In case you forgot, the button to switch weapons is LB.

From time to time, the boss will shoot some weird blobs with tentacles that follow you around until they hit you.

You can shoot at the blobs to destroy them before they hit you, causing a lot of damage.

Do the boss encounter with patience, and attack only when you are at full shields.

It may take a couple of tries, but I’m sure you’ll eventually succeed.

After you kill Oranchov, another cutscene starts in No Pox Please – We’re British.

How To Use Anal Probe To Kill KGB Agents

It seems you have a new ally that you have to protect and follow after the cutscene ends.

You can now also complete the third and last optional objective by killing KGB agents with the Anal Probe.

You know how to use the Anal Probe by now, so the optional objective should be simple enough.

There will be a lot of agents coming your way, so be careful not to die when trying to complete the optional objective.

How To Follow The Englishman And Get Out

Once you’re done with the last optional objective, focus on defending your new ally, the Englishman.

It would be best if you switch your weapon to the Zap-O-Matic because it’s better than the Anal Probe on groups of enemies.

Also, don’t forget about PK Slam which is also good for fighting grouped enemies.

To use PK Slam, aim at a KGB agent, press RB to pick him up, press LS RS, and then press LT to smash the enemy into the ground killing all the enemies nearby.

A lot of dead KGB agents later, and you reach the surface with the Englishman by your side.

A job well done, Crypto! You came out of the No Pox Please – We’re British mission alive. You just unlocked the Revelations side mission in Destroy All Humans 2 2022, you can have a go at it whenever, and with this guide, it will be a piece of cake.

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