Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Flip Up The Flyppies Guide

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
August 26, 2022

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Flip Up The Flyppies is not as tricky as the previous side quest we covered for the Bay City area, named Crypto Hired Gun Private Danza.

But to get all the Furotech Cells at the end of the side mission, you also have to complete the optional objective: perform a clean snatch on Rainbow.

You can complete the mission quite fast if you approach it correctly.

So if you don’t want to waste a second in the video game developed by Black Forest Games, consult the walkthrough below.

Where To Find Flip Up The Flyppies

You can start the side mission by going to the hippie camp on the west side of the Bay City area, near the landing zone, and talking to the NPC that has the Arkvoodle Cult sign above his head.

Have a look at the map below for the exact location.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Flip Up The Flyppies Map

If you can’t find the side quest on your map, it’s because you haven’t completed the Who Is Arkvoodle mission yet; check this guide if you need assistance.

Now talk to the hippie to begin the mission.

How To Perform A Clean Snatch On Rainbow

The main objective of the Flip Up The Flyppies side quest is to persuade Dash and the Flyppies to join your cult.

To do so, you must first use bodysnatch on their leader, Rainbow. And if you perform a clean snatch, you complete the mission’s optional objective as well.

The clean snatch means you must ensure nobody is watching you while using bodysnatch on Rainbow.

However, that can be challenging, considering that the camp is packed with hippies.

By the way, Rainbow is the hippie girl with the white hexagon above her head.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Flip Up The Flyppies Guide

The leader is taking a stroll around the camp, so you must follow her and find the perfect moment to use bodysnatch.

In case you forgot how to use bodysnatch, just aim at a human and spam Y (Xbox).

There is a simpler way to complete the optional objective if you lack the patience to follow her around.

Just use the crowd control weapon Free Love on the people around Rainbow to start a party.

You can select the weapon by holding LB and choosing it from the list that pops up.

To use Free Love, hold RT and aim at the humans. Once the party starts, all the hippies should start dancing, and you can clean snatch Rainbow.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Flip Up The Flyppies Walkthrough

Also, all the hippies affected by Free Love appear pink on your radar, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Now speak with Dash, the quest giver from before, to end the Flip Up The Flyppies Arkvoodle Cult side quest in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed. You can focus on the next one, named Yapping Bully, and consult this guide if you need assistance.

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