Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Shama Llama Slips Up Guide

August 26, 2022

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Shama Llama Slips Up is trickier than the previous Arkvoodle Cult mission we covered for the Bay City area, named Yapping Bully.

The side quest rewards you with 7 Furotech Cells, that is, if you also complete the optional objective: use Dislocator to destroy police cars.

At one point, the side mission gets more complicated than it should because of what seems to be a bug, but we will talk more about this later.

Don’t worry, though, because you can always count on us, and throughout the walkthrough below, you’ll have all the instructions needed to fully complete the mission.

Where To Find Shama Llama Slips Up In Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed

You must first complete the Yapping Bully side quest to make the Shama Llama Slips Up Arkvoodle Cult mission appear on your map of the Bay City area.

The mission giver is a blonde hippie girl with a purple skirt, and you can find her in a parking lot near the landing zone on the southwest side of Bay City (check the following map).

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Shama Llama Slips Up Map

Talk to the NPC to see what is required of you to complete the side mission.

How To Talk To The Freak And Reach Shama Llama

The main objective of the Arkvoodle Cult mission is to rescue Shama Llama, the leader of a group you want to convince to worship Arkvoodle.

However, no one knows where the leader is except the Freak, who you can find on the other side of the building north of the quest giver.

Follow the white hexagon if you have problems finding the Freak and when you do, ask him where Shama Llama is.

It seems the cops have the leader of the Slippies, and you need to free him to complete the side quest.

So make haste to the parking lot of the donut shop on the south side of the Bay City area. The exact location is marked with a white hexagon on your map.

How To Kill The Cops

This part is a little tricky because of a potential bug.

Once you reach Shama Llama, you must kill the cops around him, which is a little hard because, for some reason, instead of attacking you, they run away and are basically impossible to find (no marker on the map or anything to show their location).

You need to kill them fast until they run away and their white hexagon markers disappear. Following them is hard because they split up.

A good tip to help you out is to use the Free Love weapon on all the people around the donut shop to start a party that keeps the cops in place, giving you more time to kill them. Change to the weapon by pressing LB (Xbox) if you don’t have it already equipped.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Shama Llama Slips Up Guide

Even so, you have a short time to kill them. I suggest using your PK (psychokinesis) to pick up a cop by pressing RB while aiming at him. Then hold RB for a second or two, aim at one of the police cars near the cops, and release the button.

That should cause an explosion killing multiple cops, so repeat the process until you kill all the cops because it’s a real-time saver.

It may take a couple of tries until you get the hang of it, but I’m sure you’ll pull it through and get to the next step of the Shama Llama Slips Up mission in Destroy All Humans 2 2022.

How To Use Dislocator To Destroy Police Cars And Rescue Shama Llama

Once you’re done with the previous objective, which I’m sure was annoying, you must escort Shama Llama to the hippie commune.

But before you reach the commune, make sure you destroy at least three police cars with your Dislocator weapon to complete the optional objective.

There will be a lot of police cars trying to stop you from reaching the commune, so don’t worry.

To switch to the Dislocator, hold LB and select it from the list.

What you want to do is aim at a police car and hold RT to charge the Dislocator to the max, then release the button to make the vehicle bounce until it explodes.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Shama Llama Slips Up Walkthrough

Repeat the process another two times, and you’ll complete the optional objective.

Now you can focus on safely escorting Shama Llama to the hippie commune.

Kill anybody that gets close to the Slippies leader, and you are golden.

Be careful you don’t stay too close to Shama Llama so he doesn’t get hurt when somebody is shooting at you. But don’t lose him; just keep a reasonable distance.

And that’s all, Furon! You rescued the new manager of the Arkvoodle cult and completed Shama Llama Slips Up in the video game developed by Black Forest Games. But now, Shama Llama has a new mission for you, named Establishing Shots (covered in this guide), so you might as well take care of this one too.

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