Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Ruined Algernon’s Change Of Heart Guide

Written by Alexandru Popescu
Edited by Vlad Susanu
September 2, 2022

Ruined Algernon’s Change Of Heart is another Odd Job side mission you can complete in the Albion area of Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed.

You can get up to 9 Furotech Cells if you complete the side quest; the full reward can be obtained if you also complete the optional objective: kill the M16 bruisers.

The mission is not that hard, but it may still cause you difficulties if you don’t take certain aspects into consideration.

So to be sure there will be nothing but smooth sailing, be sure to check the walkthrough below.

Where To Find Ruined Algernon’s Change Of Heart In Destroy All Humans 2 2022

Before anything, to unlock the side quest, you have to complete the On Natalya’s Secret Service main mission, covered in this guide.

Then look for the quest giver who waits for you under a tree a small distance north of the Parliament, the huge building on the west side of the Albion area.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Ruined Algernon's Change Of Heart Map

You will need an M16 agent disguise to talk to the NPC, so take care of that with bodysnatch and start the Ruined Algernon’s Change Of Heart side mission.

In case you are confused, spam the Y button (Xbox) while aiming at an M16 agent to borrow his body. There should be plenty of agents near the Parliament.

How To Use Cortex Scan To Locate Algernon

The mission’s main objective is to retrieve a defector, but first, you must find him.

To do this, go to the highlighted area on your map, north of the westernmost landing zone in Albion, and use Cortex Scan on the people around to get a clue about Algernon’s location. By the way, Algernon is the defector, to make it clear.

If by any chance you forgot how to use Cortex Scan in Destroy All Humans 2, just aim at a human and press the Up arrow on your D-pad.

The first clue sends you further north, toward the white hexagon, where you have to use Cortex Scan again to find out that Algernon is at the Soviet Embassy.

How To Kill The M16 Bruisers

After you reach the Soviet Embassy following the white hexagon, you’ll find the defector with a bunch of guards.

Kill the guards but make sure no harm comes to Algernon. So no weapons that do AoE damage.

I suggest using the Disintegrator Ray to focus the guards. Definitely stay away from the Zap-O-Matic weapon, as it does chain damage to targets.

Also, if you kill the M16 Bruisers, you’ll complete the optional objective in Ruined Algernon’s Change Of Heart.

The Bruisers are the bigger agents that use automatic weapons and are also marked with white rhombuses.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Ruined Algernon's Change Of Heart Guide

There are 5 M16 Bruisers in the area that you have to kill to complete the optional objective.

How To Bring Algernon To M16

After dealing with the Bruisers and the guards in general, find the defector, which should be easy because he is marked with a white hexagon on your radar.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Ruined Algernon's Change Of Heart Walkthrough

Once you’ve found Algernon, pick him up with your PK (psychokinesis) by pressing RB.

Then take the prisoner to the drop-off zone marked with the black and white hexagon, north of the westernmost landing zone in the Albion area.

It would be best if you use your jetpack to fly from one building’s roof to another to reach the marked zone avoiding enemies.

You’ll know you are in the right spot if you are on the construction site with the blue highlighted ground.

Drop the defector in the blue area to complete the Destroy All Humans 2 2022 Ruined Algernon’s Change Of Heart side quest. Since there is nothing else to do in Albion, you can travel to Takoshima and complete the Takoshima Story main mission covered in this guide.

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