Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed They Shoot Hippies Guide

August 26, 2022

Fully completing the They Shoot Hippies, Don’t They mission in Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed will reward you with 9 Furotech Cells.

But to do so, you have to complete the optional objectives as well:

  • Collect repair pods as a soldier
  • Destroy Revelade deposits

And the most important part is that you get to stop Bongwater’s plan who wants to gas Bay City with Revelade.

If you need help with any task in the mission, don’t forget to check the following walkthrough.

Where To Find They Shoot Hippies

You can start the mission by talking to the Freak after completing the previous one, named Where Have All The Flower Children Gone (covered in depth in this guide).

You can find the Freak on the west side of the Bay City area in the courtyard behind some buildings.

Check the map below for the exact location.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed They Shoot Hippies

Where To Find Pox And Report The Situation To Him

The first thing you have to do after starting the mission is to report to Pox the information learned from the Freak, like the good minion that you are.

You can find Pox fast because he is close, to the east of Freak’s location.

Follow the yellow hexagon on your radar if needed to reach Pox. He waits for you between a van and a dumpster near some scaffoldings.

How To Reach The Landing Zone And Get Your Saucer Back

After discussing with Pox, you must reach the landing zone southeast of your current location and summon your saucer.

So head to the landing zone, which is not that far away, with the help of the main mission marker if needed.

However, I suggest you use bodysnatch on someone, so you don’t get detected. And if needed, don’t forget to use the Left Arrow button on your D-pad to wipe the recent memory of someone who saw you do something suspicious.

Once at the landing zone, which is right in the middle of a parking lot, you have to activate the beacon to summon your saucer.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed They Shoot Hippies Guide

First, interact with the beacon, then charge it with your Zap-O-Matic weapon.

To select the weapon, you must press LB on Xbox and choose it from the list.

Now zap the idol until you charge the bar under where it says Zap-O-Matic, then hold X to call the saucer.

How To Collect Repair Pods As A Soldier And Repair The Saucer

As you can see, the saucer is damaged, and you need five repair pods to fix it.

And if you collect one of the repair pods as a soldier, you also complete an optional objective.

I’ve marked and numbered the pods on the map below.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed They Shoot Hippies Walkthrough

Also, a pod looks like a triangular object with a white light in the middle of it, as shown in the next image.

Destroy All Humans 2 2022 They Shoot Hippies

Soldiers guard each repair pod, so I suggest you use the Free Love weapon on them and start a party.

Then you can easily bodysnatch one of the soldiers and collect the repair pod to complete the first optional objective of the They Shoot Hippies, Don’t They mission in Destroy All Humans 2 2022.

Note that the soldiers will attack you if they see you take a pod unless you are a soldier yourself.

The first pod is east of the landing zone, near a gas station.

The second pod is near a dinner south of the gas station from before.

The next pod is in a parking lot near a military truck west of the diner you just visited.

Another pod is south of the diner near some large pipes.

And the last pod is on a hill east of the diner.

Return to the saucer and fix it once you have all five repair pods.

How To Destroy Revelade Deposits And The Revelade Blimps To Foil Bongwater’s Plan

Board the saucer now that you’ve repaired it, and get familiar with the controls.

You can cloak the saucer by pressing A. Also, you can restore the saucer’s shields if you hold LT and press Y above a vehicle.

Now you can destroy the nine Revelade deposits by flying above them and pressing RT.

The deposits are marked with white rhombuses on your map and radar.

Focus on destroying the Revelade blimps after you have taken care of the deposits. The blimps are marked with yellow hexagons.

Destroy All Humans 2 2022 They Shoot Hippies Guide

Take out the blimps fast because you don’t want the Revelade saturation to reach 100%.

And that is all, Furon! You’ve completed 100% the They Shoot Hippies, Don’t They mission in the video game developed by Black Forest Games. If you are up to it, start the next mission, named The Alien Who Probed Me, and complete all the objectives in it by consulting our guide.

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