Disney Dreamlight Valley Crafting Materials Guide: How To Get Iron Ingots

October 8, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingots are Refined Materials that you can obtain only via crafting at a Station, but first, you need to gather the necessary resources.

The Iron Bars are mandatory for many quests, and you need quite a lot of them if you want to complete all the quests in the Early Access version of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Furthermore, these Refined Materials are used to craft numerous items that will make your house and the Village more pleasing to the eye.

So, if you are struggling to get Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley, here is what you need to do.

How To Get Iron Ingots

As mentioned, you have to craft the Iron Bars, and you need the following materials to do so.

  • 5 Iron Ore
  • 1 Coal Ore

The materials above are required for 1 Iron Ingot, so you need a considerable amount of Iron Ore if you need multiple Ingots.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Iron Ingots Refined Materials

Therefore, you now need to know where to find Iron Ore and Coal Ore.

Where To Find Iron Ore

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Iron Ore can be mined from the black rock deposits you can see on the mountain walls in the following areas:

  • Forest of Valor
  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Frosted Heights
  • Forgotten Lands

To gain access to all the Biomes mentioned above, you need a whooping 40,000 Dreamlight.

However, the areas with the biggest drop rate of Iron Ore are Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust; and luckily, these are the cheapest to unlock.

Check the tasks in the Dreamlight tab of the game’s menu to see what you have to do to gain more Dreamlight.

Once you’re all set, equip your Pickaxe (press RT on your Xbox controller) and start farming the deposits.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Iron Ingots

I suggest you hang out with a friend who is specialized in mining if you want to get more Iron Ore out of your farming session.

Preferably pick the companion with the highest level.

Where To Find Coal Ore

The second material required to craft Iron Ingots is really easy to obtain, and you’ll surely get enough while mining for Iron Ore because it also drops from the black rock deposits.

So you get two birds with one stone.

Next, you must head to a Crafting Station and make the Iron Ingots from the Refined Materials tab.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Iron Ingots

How To Use The Iron Ingots

Now that you’ve managed to gather some Iron Bars let’s see how you can use them.

First, you should prioritize the Refined Materials for the quests that require them.

Check out the list below to see all the quests in which the Iron Ingots are mandatory.

Crafting Recipes Based On Iron Ingots

You can also use the Iron Bars to craft cool items which you can place through the Village and your house.

You have a list of Crafting Recipes below that require Iron Ingots or other materials based on them.

Crafting Recipe NameRequired Iron Ingots
Tinkering Parts2
Dark Wire Mesh Fence2
Metal Spike Fence3
Iron Spike and Brick Fence2
Wire Mesh Fence2
Black Flat-Top Stove10
Black Gas Stove12
Black Retro Portable Radio2
Blue Retro Portable Radio2
Brown Retro Portable Radio2
Gray Flat-Top Stove10
Pink Gas Stove12
Pink Flat-Top Stove10
Pale Gray Gas Stove12
Pale Gray Flat-Top Stove10
Iron Crafting Station10
Gray Mailbox2
Gray Gas Stove12
Red Mailbox2
White Flat-Top Stove10
White Gas Stove12
Wooden Crafting Station10
Barrel Fragment1
Black and White Mickey Mouse Water Tower100
Black Wrought Iron Streetlamp5
Black, White, and Yellow Balloon Cluster5
Blue Balloon Arch10
Blue Wrought Iron Streetlamp5
Blue Balloon Cluster5
Brown, Green, and Yellow Balloon Arch10
Brown, Green, and Yellow Balloon Cluster5
Compass Ottoman8
DJ Booth Rig100
Green Wrought Iron Streetlamp5
Helm Bookshelf5
Lamppost with Blue Light3
Lamppost with Green Light3
Lamppost with Red Light3
Lamppost with Yellow Light3
Left Signpost1
Nautical-Themed Couch10
Old Barrel1
Purple Wrought Iron Streetlamp5
Pink, Yellow and Blue Balloon Arch10
Pink, Yellow and Blue Balloon Cluster5
Red, Yellow and Black Balloon Cluster5
Refreshment Chest10
Round Orange Three-Pronged Lamppost4
Round Lamppost with White Light3
Round Lamppost with Pink Light3
Round Lamppost with Orange Light3
Round Lamppost with Blue Light3
Round Blue Three-Pronged Lamppost4
Right Signpost1
Round Pink Three-Pronged Lamppost4
Round White Three-Pronged Lamppost4
Rustic Clock Tower30
Ship Coffe Table10
Stellar Blue DJ Booth50
Stellar Pink DJ Booth50
Wooden Lamppost with Yellow Light2
Wooden Bucket1
Tool Rack4
Wrought Iron Arch10
Yellow, Black and White Balloon Arch10
Yellow, Red and Black Balloon Arch10

Now that you know how to get Iron Ingots in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s time to put that Pickaxe to good use and start mining Ore.

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