Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fish Eggs Locations Guide

by Vlad
April 27, 2020

The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fish Eggs locations guide below is another request I received from a player interested in farming Fish Eggs for cooking in DBZ Kakarot.

Unlike my other DBZ Kakarot guides I have covered so far, this time we are going to talk about Fish Eggs in general; because my favorite farming spot covers all types of Fish Eggs available in the video game developed by CyberConnect2 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

This means that if you wish to find Premium Golden, High-Quality, or just common Fish Eggs, you are going to use the same location.

Additionally, the area below also contains a fair amount of Great Energetic Fish.

Yes, you guessed it. It is the same location you will explore for Frozen Rabbit Meat and Premium Reindeer Meat. Darlinge Polynya!

Let’s see what makes this area so special when it comes to Fish Eggs farming.

Where Can You Find Fish Eggs In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Although it’s a small area, Darlinge Polynya features two large lakes full of fish schools.

And where is a fish school, there are Eggs. All sorts of Eggs, in this case.

Furthermore, Darlinge Polynya is one of the areas with the rarest fish types you’ll need to find if you want to fill your Z Encyclopedia entries.

Let’s just say it’s a “fisherman’s heaven”.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Fish Eggs Locations
The “ideal path” for farming these cooking ingredients

How To Farm Fish Eggs

So how do we farm Figh Eggs in Darlinge Polynya?

Let’s take a closer look at the map above.

As you can see, on it I have marked the “ideal path” you’ll want to follow; to fully cover both lakes in this region.

Start with the smallest one, and remain underwater, exiting only when you need to refill your air gauge or switch to the lake in the middle.

The goal here is to cover as much water area as fast as possible since you’ll gather the Eggs automatically.

While underwater, you’ll want to look for glowing orbs similar to the ones in the following picture.

These are schools of Great Energetic Fish, but the Eggs are identical.

DBZ Kakarot Great Energetic Fish Locations
Look for the glowing spots, Gohan!

Once you are done exploring the large lake in the center, go back to the starting point and repeat.

Remember that the respawn rate for these items is high, which means that by the time you finish getting the eggs in the central lake, those from the smaller lake already respawned. Cool right?

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