Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Wolf Meat Locations Guide

Unlike other types of meat you can get in DBZ Kakarot, Wolf Meat is rare.

And by rare, I don’t mean hard to find, but hard to get.

The reason behind this is the terrible drop rate of Wolf Meat for each Wolf you hunt in the latest Dragon Ball Z Kakarot video game developed by CyberConnect2 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Because it is a rare type of meat or cooking ingredient (compared to, let’s say, the Beast Meat or Select Beast Meat); I decided to create a short guide that shows my favorite hunting spots for Wolves.

These spots are revealed in the following locations guide.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Wolf Meat West Area Farming Spot

The first location I want to share with you is on the north-western side of the West Area.

When you get there, use the Mineral Deposit icon as a marker for the location you’ll want to explore.

That marker will lead you to a pack of wolves that constantly respawns if you leave the area and return.

It’s an accessible location you can use to farm Wolf Meat simply by killing all Wolves in the pack, leaving the area, then returning to the same spot.

If you farm this spot, you’ll also get High-Quality Wolf Meat.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Wolf Meat Location 1
West Area Hunting Spot

Wolf Meat Farming Spot

Another method to get Wolf Meat in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is to complete sub-stories.

A good example of a sub-story that awards you Wolf Meat is Yamcha: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

Unfortunately, though, the amount of Wolf Meat you get from a sub-story is small compared to the amount you actually need in the game.

That’s why the second location you’ll want to check is Sacred Land of Korin.

Now, as you can see on the map below, I have marked several larger areas, but all of them have something in common. They are close to the edges of the map. Why is that?

First, because that’s where you find most wolf packs since I have noticed they live in solitary areas.

And second, because that’s where you’ll also find Gazelles. What is the connection between these two types of animals?

Well, believe it or not, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot respects (more or less) the habitats of animals as well as their characteristics.

Simply put, Wolves feast on Gazelles, and if there is a pack of fresh Gazelles in a spot, you’ll most likely also find Wolves nearby.

One thing to mention when you look for Wolves in this area is that you’ll want to remain on the ground and move around scanning the areas I have marked.

Because Sacred Land of Korin features dense forests, if you fly above them, you’ll most likely miss the packs below because the trees mask them.

dragon ball z kakarot wolf meat farm location 2 - GameClubz

Obviously, there are other great hunting spots for Wolves, but early in the game, these two are really great, so try them out and let me know if you know better locations.

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