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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Eggs Locations Guide



The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Eggs, just like the carrots, are cooking ingredients, and sometimes they are required for some sub-stories. Only several NPCs need them, and they are common ingredients, but since one of my YouTube subscribers asked me to create a video guide on where to find chicken eggs in DBZ Kakarot, here is a quick guide on these items.

So, besides the fact that they are used in cooking, chicken eggs are also required to complete a bunch of side-quests. What else can you do with them?

Well…honestly nothing, so once you complete the game, feel free to sell them, but do not expect to make a fortune from eggs. Now, assuming you need them (and you will), early in the game, here are two methods to get them.

West City Egg Vendor

The easiest and fastest way to get eggs in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is from the food shop in West City. It is the same shop where you can buy carrots, and even the price of an egg is equal to the price of a carrot. Exactly 95 Zeni.

You can stock on eggs here because this vendor will never run out of stock.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Where To Buy Eggs

West City Vendor

Capsule Corp Chicken Farm

Assuming you don’t want to spend your hard-earned Zeni on eggs, you can opt to pay a visit to a nearby location; which is the yellow round building known as Capsule Corp.

This building will become one of the most important locations in the video game, and you’ll visit it quite often. In the garden inside, you’ll see chickens as well as a lot of yellow glowing orbs.

Make sure you collect as many as you can because these are in fact chicken eggs. You can see one in the picture below.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Eggs Location

Capsule Corp Chicken Farm

DBZ Kakarot Eggs Locations Video Guide

These are by far the best locations I have found in order to get eggs in DBZ Kakarot; but if you have found other spots for farming them, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

The following video is the one I have uploaded on my YouTube Channel and it can help you identify the two locations mentioned in this guide. Check it out!

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Desert Gazelle Locations Guide




The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Desert Gazelle is by far one of the rarest animals you’ll need to find in the latest DBZ video game. Although no quest-giver will ask you to hunt a Desert Gazelle, this animal is needed to fill one of your entries in the Z Encyclopedia.

On my YouTube Channel, the Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Desert Gazelle location guide received the most views, which means that many players don’t know where to look for a Desert Gazelle.

The video guide (also available below) was, in fact, a request I have received from one of my subscribers.

So, in this text guide, I’ll show you where to find this type of Gazelle and how to hunt it down to fill your Z Encyclopedia.

Before we start, let me point out that you should not confuse the Desert Gazelle with the one we have discussed on the Beast Meat location guide. That is a Prairie Gazelle.

The Desert Gazelle lives in a specific area and most likely you won’t be able to find it anywhere else in the game. I wasn’t.

Great West Desert Area

As the animal’s name implies, to find it, you’ll have to visit the Great West Desert Area. This in-game region is unlocked later in the game, so if you can’t see it on your world map, you’ll need to progress through the story.

Eventually, you’ll unlock the Great West Desert Area and you can travel to Nam’s Village or Aloe Outcrop.

Pick any of these two, then open your map and find the location I have marked below.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Desert Gazelle Location

Check the Great West Desert Area

On the map above, you can see that I have marked a small area in the north-eastern part of the region. Closely you can also see a training ground.

Travel to this spot, fly up, and start scanning the small forest just west from the training ground. Eventually, you will spot a pack of Desert Gazelles.

Fly down and hunt them. They look just like the Gazelles below.

DBZ Kakarot Desert Gazelle Location

Go get them Goku!

DBZ Kakarot Desert Gazelle Location Video Guide

In the video below you can see the hunting and farming spot for the Desert Gazelle in DBZ Kakarot.

Let me know if you managed to find them and thank you for your support on all the guides I have uploaded on YouTube.

Happy hunting!

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Gray Meteorites Locations Guide




The Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Gray Meteorite is a crafting ingredient; which, although it is not a quest item, you will need in order to build Lvl. 10 Speed Chips and Lvl. 10 Jump Chips.

Both of them are required if you want to get all achievements or the platinum trophy on PlayStation 4.

Since you can unlock the Lvl. 10 Speed Chips and Lvl. 10 Jump Chips by crafting all previous levels for these specific items; it means that you’ll need a lot of Gray Meteorites in DBZ Kakarot.

This brings us to the present guide in which I’m going to show you my favorite farming spot.

Before we start, I suggest using this farming method for Gray Meteorites, after you complete the game; or when you start moping up the remaining trophies and achievements.

Darlinge Polynya Mineral Deposit

The area you’ll want to visit to get a lot of Gray Meteorites in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is Darlinge Polynya.

Yes, the same area where we have found the Premium Reindeer Meat and Turquoise Trout, amongst other rare animals and fish species.

On the map below, you can see that I have marked a specific spot on the area map.

This spot is actually the cave where we have found the Frozen Rabbit Meat.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Gray Meteorite Location

Look for the hidden cave!

Once you get to the said cave you will see a lot of sparking crystals on the walls.

So what you have to do, is to shoot them using your Ki Blast. After you’re done destroying all of them, save your game.

Now, reload your manual save. The crystals will respawn and you’ll be inside the save game.

Keep doing this until you have the required amount of Gray Meteorites to buy the chips you want.

Here is how a crystal dropping a Gray Meteorite looks like.

DBZ Kakarot Gray Meteorite Location

Shoot the crystals on the walls!

DBZ Kakarot Gray Meteorites Locations Video Guide

If by any chance you encounter difficulties farming Gray Meteorites in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, check the video below which was uploaded on my YouTube Channel.

Obviously, if you know a better spot, let me know in the comments section and I’ll make sure to check it out.

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