Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Prime Marbled Dino Meat Locations Guide

Unlike the Premium Reindeer Meat or the Frozen Rabbit Meat, in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, the Prime Marbled Dino Meat is a very common type of meat and probably the easiest to get.

Although early in the game you won’t need it to complete sub-stories or side-quests, the DBZ Kakarot Prime Marbled Dino Meat is also a quest item.

Fortunately, nobody will ask you to find it, until you complete all sagas or the game’s story.

Besides the fact that you’ll need it for a post-game quest, this type of DBZ Kakarot Dino Meat is also needed for cooking, and some players encountered difficulties in finding it.

So, as I said the Dino Meat is a very common type of meat. But how do we get it?

Well, simply by hunting dinosaurs.

But not all types of dinos drop it; that’s why we are going to take a closer look at this type of meat.

How Do You Get Prime Marbled Dino Meat In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

When it comes to hunting dinos and finding Marbled Dino Meat in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, Blake Bog is the first place you’ll want to check.

Even though dinosaurs exist in other places as well, Blake Bog is my favorite place to hunt them for two reasons.

First, it features two Dinosaur Habitats. And second, they are very close to each other, which means faster farming.

On the map below you can see that I have marked both Dinosaur Habitats.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Prime Marbled Dino Meat Location 1

Now that we know the Prime Dino Meat comes from dinosaurs, one aspect remains to be explained. What type of dinosaurs?

The answer is very simple. The dinosaurs that you see on the ground.

While playing the video game developed by CyberConnect2 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch; you’ll notice that there are also flying dinosaurs.

They look like Pterosaurs.

But those will not drop Prime Marbled Dino Meat, so there is no need to take them down unless you want to see what happens.

The dinosaurs you’ll want to hunt if you need Prime Marbled Dino Meat, are similar to the one in the following picture.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Prime Marbled Dino Location
Kill the Dino, get the Prime Marbled Dino Meat.

How To Hunt Dinosaurs In DBZ Kakarot

Hunting Dinosaurs in DBZ Kakarot is very easy. Basically, all you have to do is shooting from a distance while trying to avoid their attacks.

If you can’t keep up with them, try flying above and shoot them while in the air. You’ll notice that the dinos are harmless since, well…they can’t reach you.

Easy job for a Saiyan!

As mentioned, there is more than one spot to hunt these creatures; so feel free to share your favorite farming locations in the comments section and I’ll add them to the guide.

Finally, if you need help during your journey, check these DBZ Kakarot guides for other rare materials and ingredients in the game.

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