Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Golden Gazelle Antler Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
May 3, 2020

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Golden Gazelle Antlers are rare and very expensive crafting materials you can find and sell to various vendors.

The DBZ Kakarot Golden Gazelle Antler is also a quest item that is required during the Animorphaline Accident sub-story or side-quest.

This side quest is playable once you reach the third saga in the game and after you talk to Korin in the Sacred Land of Korin.

As you progress through the side-quest, you will be asked eventually to find three types of ingredients: Meaty River Snails, High-Quality Herbs, and a Golden Gazelle Antler.

Since we already covered the locations of Meaty River Snails, and we know that the High-Quality Herbs are quite common (we’ll talk again about them below), now it’s time to cover the rare Golden Gazelle Antler.

On my YouTube Channel, you can see a complete Animorphaline Accident walkthrough, or you can follow the text guide below as I’ll tell you where to get all materials for it.

How Do You Get The Golden Gazelle Antler In DBZ Kakarot

Once you start the quest, open your map and fast travel to the Cell Games Arena in the Continent Center Area.

When you arrive, open your map again, and you’ll see a small lake on the northern side. That lake is your playing ground.

Go around it, and eventually, you’ll find an NPC standing on the shore claiming that he found Meaty River Snails.

Some of the red orbs nearby contain these snails.

Now, as opposed to this NPC, you’ll see a large forest.

Check it out because there are a lot of High-Quality Herbs you can gather.

But what’s way more important is the Golden Gazelle that spawns within this forest.

On the map below, you can see the area you’ll have to explore.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Golden Gazelle Antler Location
Check the eastern side of the lake

Golden Gazelle Antler Farming

The Golden Gazelle Antler, as you can guess, is dropped by a Golden Gazelle. It’s really easy to spot it because it glows.

One thing to keep in mind when you get to this hunting spot is that if the Golden Gazelle is not there, you’ll need to fast travel to another area, then return here.

The same rule applies if you hunt one, but it doesn’t drop the antler; however, because the drop rate is quite high, I doubt this will happen to you.

Here is what the Golden Gazelle looks like in the video game developed by CyberConnect2 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Assuming you want to farm this material, all you have to do is to fast-travel away to another location, then head back to this location. 

DBZ Kakarot Golden Gazelle Antler Location
Go for the golden one, Goku!

Although there are other locations to find Golden Gazelle Antlers, the one in this guide, remains my favorite because it allows me to get all ingredients required for Animorphaline Accident without traveling to other areas.

Check it out and let me know what you think about it in the comments section.

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  1. That gazelle horn is impossible to get. I searched for more than an hour and it never dropped. All I got was a ton of prime beast meat. I finally gave up and cut the game off. It’s bogus.

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