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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot River Shrimps Locations Guide

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot River Shrimps Locations Guide

by VladApril 27, 2020

In Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, the River Shrimps are common cooking ingredients you’ll easily find while exploring the world; however these ingredients are also required to complete one of the game’s sub-stories; which makes them quite important if you wish to complete all side-quests in the game.

Since you’ll need a lot of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot River Shrimps, and because on my YouTube Channel I have received a request to create a locations guide for them; in this article, I’m going to show you what I believe to be the best spot to find River Shrimps in DBZ Kakarot.

Before we begin, it is worth mentioning that you will have to find River Shrimps in order to complete the Anxious Android side quest. You can see a full video walkthrough for the Anxious Android sub-story here; if you want.

Along with the Shrimps, we are going to discuss below; you’ll also need 3 Frozen Rabbit Meat and 3 High-Quality Onions; which I already covered, as you can see.

So, the River Shrimps, and where to find them.

Goku’s House River

As the name implies, the Shrimps you are looking for live in rivers, which means that first of all, you’ll need to find a river. The longest river in the video game is the one north of Goku’s House as you can see on the following map.

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Notice that I have marked the path you need to follow with red arrows. I did this because what you want to do is to fly close to the river’s shores without actually going underwater.

Basically you will want to start from, let’s say the western end of the river and remain close to the left shore. When you reach the eastern end, you’ll turn around but flying close to the right shore.

This is a great way to farm Shrimps because it’s quite fast since you are flying at full speed; there are no mobs close to the ground, and there are only several obstacles you need to avoid.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot River Shrimps Locations

A long river full of Shrimps

If you follow the path on the map you’ll also get several Meaty River Snails, which are also cooking ingredients and quest items.

Keep in mind that the River Shrimps you are looking for are represented by yellow glowing orbs, you’ll automatically pick up. They look just like the ones in the following screenshot.

DBZ Kakarot River Shrimps Locations

Look for the glowing orbs, Gohan

DBZ Kakarot River Shrimps Locations Video Guide

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, I also uploaded a video on where to find River Shrimps in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. You can see it below, and it shows my farming method for this type of ingredient.

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Obviously there are other places to get Shrimps in the game, but for now, this location remains my favorite spot. Let me know which one is yours.

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