Kena Bridge Of Spirits Fields Hats Locations Guide

September 26, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Fields Hats or Rot Hats collectibles require a lot of exploration if you don’t know their exact locations.

In order to speed up the process of finding them, throughout the following guide, we’ll discuss all Rot Hats in the Fields area you’ll get to explore while following Kena’s adventures.

Similar to the hidden Rot explained here, the Rot Hats are best approached after you free Adira since you’ll unlock most areas by dealing with the corruption.

Additionally, when looking for the Rot Hats listed below, also keep an eye on other collectibles found here:

Fields Hat #1 – Adira’s Mask

The first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Storehouse Hat is obtained automatically as you follow the story.

This is Adira’s Mask, and you’ll unlock it after you free her.

Simply follow the objectives in this area to collect it. At some point, you’ll have to face the Corrupt Woodsmith at the Tower.

At the end of the boss fight, you’ll get this mask.

Fields Hat #2 – Sun

The second Rot Hat in the Fields area is also unlocked automatically, but by finding the Hat Cart.

You can see its location below.

Approach the cart, and the Sun Hat unlocks.

Fields Hat #3 – Pancake

For the next Rot Hat collectible, head to the house marked on my map.

While facing it, head left and jump over the pile of stones.

Behind the house, you’ll see a chest like the one in my screenshot, and inside is the Hat.

Fields Hat #4 – Pumpkin

The Kena Bridge Of Spirits Pumpkin Rot Hat is also quite accessible, and it comes with one of the hidden Rots we covered in this guide.

To get it, head to the house on my map, and on the porch, you’ll see a bucket.

Use Kena’s friends to get the Tear (water drop) inside the bucket and water the plant inside the house. Now, create a Rot Cloud from the plant and water the fields outside.

One of the plants is a pumpkin, as you can see. Collect the Rot, and you’ll also get the Hat.

Fields Hat #5 – Egg

For the next Fields Rot Hat, you’ll have to complete a small puzzle at the location marked on my map.

When you get there, you’ll find three round plates under a shack by the road.

On these plates, you’ll have to place three Owl Statues found nearby.

Here is where to find the three Fields Owl Statues.

  • One is in the house south of the plates
  • The second one is northeast behind a house. Look for it in a dead-end by the mountain
  • The third one is found northwest, on a hill. Look for it on the field

For each statue you find, you’ll need to command Kena’s Rot to carry it back.

After you place all statues on the plates, the Egg Hat is yours.

Fields Hat #6 – Cowboy

Another Hat can be found inside one of the two Cursed Chests in the Fields.

Specifically, the one found at the location on my map.

To get this Hat collectible, simply find and kill the enemies that spawn in the area below the hill with the chest.

There is no time limit, so this challenge is pretty accessible.

Fields Hat #7 – Ox

The Ox Rot Hat is extremely easy to collect. 

At the location marked on my map, head inside the house and look for a chest on the ground. Open it, and you’re done with this collectible.

Fields Hat #8 – Halo

Inside the Forge, you can find another hidden chest with a Hat.

To get it, first get to the large building, then while standing inside, look for a flower (pictured) that allows you to pull yourself up in the attic or to the upper area.

Here you’ll find a chest and the Halo Rot Hat.

Fields Hat #9 – Sunflower

Moving on, we have another Kena Bridge Of Spirits Fields Rot Hat collectible that is easy to get but quite hard to spot.

This one, as you can see on my map, is found northwest of the Tower.

At the location marked below, you’ll find a rather large stone. Just ask Kena’s friends to move it away, and behind it, you’ll see a chest with the Sunflower Hat inside.

Fields Hat #10 – Autumn

Last but not least, in this area, you can find the Autumn Rot Hat, which is hands down the trickiest hat. 

That’s because it is found at the location marked on the map where you’ll need to reach an upper section using the stones on the ground.

But to do this, you’ll have to complete several steps in a specific order.

Here is how to get it:

  • Get to the location on my map, and you’ll find a large pile of stones
  • Your goal is to reach the area on the other side, just above the wall with a triangle painting on it
  • Start by throwing a bomb at the pile of stones in the middle, then shoot the crystal on the long pillar, then shoot the flower on the upper stone
  • Once on the long pillar, head towards the tree and jump on the ledge next to it, then wait for the stones to return to the ground
  • Now throw another bomb but without shooting the crystal, jump back on the long stone
  • Head to the other side, then throw a bomb on the pile of stones at the bottom of the wall with a triangle painting on it
  • Finally, follow the suspended stones to get to the chest in my screenshot

These are all 10 Kena Bridge of Spirits Fields Rot Hats available in this specific area of the video game developed by Ember Lab.

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