Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Flower Shrines Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
September 23, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Flower Shrines collectibles are way harder to find, compared to those from Rusu Mountain we covered here, mainly because two of these collectibles require you to solve two puzzles.

The three Kena Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrines in the Forgotten Forest area of the video game developed by Ember Lab; are, as you can guess, mandatory if you want to clear the third region; and are best approached after you complete all objectives in the forest.

As such, below, we’ll cover all Flower Shrines’ locations in Forgotten Forest.

Along with them, when exploring this forest, you’ll also need to find:

Forgotten Forest Flower Shrine #1

The first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Flower Shrine collectible is also the trickiest in the game so far.

To complete the puzzle and collect it, you’ll need to follow several steps that I’m going to outline below, along with some helpful screenshots:

  • The first thing you’ll want to do is to reach the top of the tree on my map. This specific tree is related to the story and features an elevator
  • While standing near the large stone on this tree, look all the way up and to the right to spot a flower (second screenshot)
  • Shoot the flower to reach the roof of a small shack. While standing on it, turn around and jump on the other roof to see a small bucket (third image)
  • Next, use your Rot to release a water drop, then jump back to the lower area and look behind the building to see a plant you can water
  • Command Kena’s Rot to place the water drop on that plant (fourth picture)
  • Now, call the elevator by shooting the crystal on the building, and step on it
  • The next step is a bit tricky, and what you need to do is to shoot the crystal again, then quickly create a Rot Cloud and move it close to Kena on the elevator that should start moving down (fifth image)
  • When the elevator reaches the bottom floor, slam the corrupted Flower Shrine on the other side, near the large wooden ramp (sixth screenshot)

Forgotten Forest Flower Shrine #2

The second Kena Bridge Of Spirits Flower Shrine in Forgotten Forest also requires you to follow several steps.

Its location is basically behind the Water Shrine Warp Point or Fast-Travel Point.

If you look at the said point, you’ll notice a hill behind it, as well as a wooden fence you can’t break.

So start by finishing the Water Shrine puzzle and remove the corruption. On the map below, you can see the actual location of this collectible.

Now, after you are done with the Water Shrine, you’ll be able to create a Rot Cloud from the plant in front of the Water Shrine.

Guide your Rot Cloud to the area opposed to the Fast-Travel Point and slam the corruption to reveal a stone block.

Command Kena’s little friends to move the block and place it by the wall near the Fast-Travel Point.

Jump on the block, then in the elevated section, turn right and use the Rot to remove the wooden fence.

Next, you’ll want to create another Rot Cloud from the plant in front of the Water Shrine and guide it to the hill where the fence was.

From here, cross the large log that acts as a bridge and Slam the corruption on the Flower Shrine.

Forgotten Forest Flower Shrine #3

The final Flower Shrine in the Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest area is also the most accessible because to get it; you only have to reach the location on my map, which makes a cave.

West of this cave is a flower you can use to create a Rot Cloud, then all you need to do is to take it to the corruption surrounding the Shrine, then slam it.

These are the 3 Kena Bridge of Spirits Forgotten Forest Flower Shrines collectibles you’ll need to find if you aim for the Platinum Trophy.

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