Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Rot Locations Guide

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September 21, 2021

Although the game states that there are 13, in fact, there are only 10 Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Rot collectibles you’ll have to find while searching for Rusu, 3 of them being awarded automatically by completing your objective and clearing the corruption in Rusu’s House.

The remaining 10 Rusu Mountain Rot locations, however, are quite tricky, some of them being best approached after you get rid of the corruption on this mountain.

As you are about to see, Rusu Mountain is quite complex, and there are a lot of secrets to be found here.

Throughout the guide below, though, we’ll cover the Rot locations, as these are mandatory if you wish to fully clear this area in the video game developed by Ember Lab.

So let’s see where you should look for all Rusu Mountain Rot in Kena Bridge of Spirits.

Along with the 10 Rot listed below, you’ll also have to find:

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #1

The first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rot in the Rusu Mountain area is found the moment you leave Taro’s Tree.

You can see its location on the map below, and you can also see that it’s an island.

For this one, however, you have to get Kena’s Bow from Rusu, which means that you’ll return here using the fast-travel point at Rusu’s House.

To get to the collectible while standing on the shore, you’ll have to aim for the blue flower with a charged shot (hold down R2, then release).

You’ll be teleported near the stone altar where the Rot is found.

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #2

The next Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Rot collectible is easier to find, and you don’t need any special equipment to get it.

Just before going up Rusu Mountain, you’ll see a large waterfall in the same area as the previous Rot.

Swim towards it and hug the left side to reach a small elevated area. Under a stone (see below) is the cute Rot.

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #3

Another very accessible collectible awaits in the area north of Gorge fast-travel point as you go up the mountain towards Rusu’s House.

When you reach the clearing marked on my map, clear the area, then turn right to spot another stone your Rot can move to reveal one of their friends.

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #4

The next Rot is a bit trickier, and it may require multiple tries.

As you can see on the map below (Kena is actually standing next to it), this collectible is found up the mountain, east of the statue with horns.

This statue is related to the story, and when you are close to it, if you look up and to the right, you’ll see a lamp.

The problem is that Kena can’t climb the slope nearby, so you’ll have to go around the mountain, following the path that leads to a wooden gate with a sign on top of it.

From here, you’ll have to jump down and slide; however, while sliding, push right and double jump to reach the stones where Kena is in the second picture.

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #5

The fifth Rot on Rusu Mountain is also extremely hard to spot. Basically, this one is found on a ledge under the Ruins fast-travel point, which is almost impossible to see.

You can see the actual location on my map, and to get there, you have two options:

  • You can find the drop point near the fast-travel marker. It is several steps away from the marker, moving north. Simply look down to see it
  • The second route requires some climbing, and it is the ideal path. What you need to do is to reach the small broken bridge pillar where you’ll see some stones and your little friends will wait for you there. Then look to the mountain wall on the right side to see the painted ledges. Jump and follow them to get to the Rot

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #6

For the next collectible, you’ll need to reach the other side of the ruins. Or navigate the broken bridge ruins if you want.

Now, the moment you return to the path in the forest, turn left and notice a painted ledge.

Go up, and you’ll find a block your Rot friends can move.

Place the said block near the mountain wall on the other side of the clearing, then hop on it, and you’ll find another lost Rot.

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #7

To get the next Rusu Mountain Rot, you’ll need to clear the corruption in Rusu’s House.

Once you do that, simply check the cabinet on the right side as you enter through the main door to find the little guy.

Rusu Mountain Rot Kena Bridge Of Spirits Locations

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #8

The next Rot collectible is also near Rusu’s House, and it’s the funniest, but you’ll need to clear the corruption first.

Then, you’ll go to Rusu’s garden (marked on my map), and you’ll have to shoot the two targets to get a water drop.

Now place the water drop on the plant in the garden the create a Rot Cloud.

Use the Rot Cloud to water the plants, and the Rot will appear as well as one of the Hats. The Rot is in the pumpkin.

Once you are done, look across the dirt path for another field you can water.

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #9

Another tricky Rot is the one in the cave south of Rusu’s House.

Again, get here after the area is cleared.

While the location is relatively easy to access, this Rot is hard to spot because it moves.

Look for a yellow flower that…well…runs around. Stop it using Kena’s Pulse and collect it to unlock a new Hat as well.

Rusu Mountain Rot Location #10

The final Rusu Mountain Rot collectible is very accessible.

You’ll find this one just northeast of Rusu’s Lookout fast-travel point.

Simply look on the left side of the training area for a purple globe you can shoot, and the Rot will fall to the ground.

In the said training area, there are also some pumpkins that serve as targets.

These are all 10 Kena Bridge of Spirits Rusu Mountain Rot collectibles locations you’ll have to discover in the second area of the video game, and then you’ll need to find those in Forgotten Forest.

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