Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Rot Locations Guide

by Vlad
September 22, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Rot locations we’ll discuss in the following guide are mandatory if you want to get the Platinum trophy, but similar to those on Rusu Mountain; you don’t have to find 14 as the map shows you.

That’s because 6 Rot collectibles in Forgotten Forest are automatically collected by completing the story’s objectives in this area.

This means that once you clear corruption in Forgotten Forest, you’ll have to focus on finding only 8 hidden Rot, all of them being revealed below.

Before moving forward with the actual guide, keep in mind that in Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest, you’ll also have to find:

Forgotten Forest Rot Location #1

The first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rot in the Forgotten Forest area is a bit difficult, and it may require several attempts.

It is not hard to find, but it involves an archery challenge with flying targets.

On the map below, you can see its exact location, which is, in fact, on top of a log.

To get there, simply look around for a ledge you can climb.

While standing on the log, you’ll see a purple rune on the ground.

Use Kena’s Pulse to start the challenge and pay attention because four targets will fly up. 

Shoot them as fast as possible from left to right, and then the hidden Rot will fall next to you (second screenshot).

Forgotten Forest Rot Location #2

The second Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Rot is the trickiest in the game so far. And almost impossible to spot.

Its location is basically behind the Water Shrine Warp Point or Fast-Travel Point.

If you look at the said point, you’ll notice a hill behind it, as well as a wooden fence you can’t break.

So start by finishing the Water Shrine puzzle and remove the corruption. On the map below, you can see the actual location of this collectible.

Now, after you are done with the Water Shrine, you’ll be able to create a Rot Cloud from the plant in front of the Water Shrine.

Guide your Rot Cloud to the area opposed to the Fast-Travel Point and slam the corruption to reveal a stone block.

Command Kena’s little friends to move the block and place it by the wall near the Fast-Travel Point (second screenshot).

Jump on the block, then in the elevated section, turn right and use the Rot to remove the wooden fence.

Next, you’ll want to create another Rot Cloud from the plant in front of the Water Shrine and guide it to the hill where the fence was.

Here, spin the Rot Cloud to destroy the pile of leaves where the Rot is hiding (third picture).

Forgotten Forest Rot Location #3

The next Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Hidden Rot, is very accessible since it’s inside a cave.

The cave is located close to the previous location, as you can see on my map.

Simply swim to it, then inside the cave, activate Kena’s Pulse, and retrieve the little guy.

Forgotten Forest Rot Location #4

The next Rot in Hidden Forest is relatively easy to find compared to the previous ones.

It is located on the right side of the meditation place marked on my map.

To get to it, swim up the river, then on the right side, get on the ground, to be able to shoot the crystal on the brazier near the meditation point. 

This action will spawn several round platforms allowing you to get close to the meditation point. While facing it, turn right to see a waterfall where the cute creature is found.

Forgotten Forest Rot Location #5

Another Rot in Hidden Forest is found on top of the tree north of the Sacred Tree Fast-Travel Point.

You can see the collectible’s location on my map below, and your first goal is to reach the top of the tree marked in my screenshot.

Next, while standing in front of the large Shrine on the top of this specific tree, look to the right and up.

You’ll see a flower you can shoot to get on top of the shack near you.

Now from here, you’ll need to follow the ledges and, on the last one, look for a puddle. Use Kena’s Pulse to reveal the hidden Rot.

Forgotten Forest Rot Location #6

The sixth Kena Bridge Of Spirits hidden Rot in the Forgotten Forest is extremely easy to get and close to the previous one.

As you can see on my map is northwest of Sacred Tree. While walking on the path in the forest, pay close attention to what’s above you.

The Rot is inside a purple globe (also pictured). 

Forgotten Forest Rot Location #7

Also very accessible is the next Rot marked on my map.

When you get to the location, look for three stones on the ground.

While facing them, ask your Rot to pick the one on the right to find the collectible.

Under the other two, there are some enemies.

Forgotten Forest Rot Location #8

Last but not least, you’ll have to find the Rot located northwest of Lantern Cave Fast-Travel Point.

This one is very accessible, and the first thing you’ll want to do is to get to the location you see on my map.

Here, look around for a crystal located on the tree that is opposed to two piles of leaves.

Shoot the crystal then you’ll be able to grow a plant that allows you to create a Rot Cloud.

Spin the Rot Cloud on the piles of leaves to find the Rot under a tree branch. In my screenshot below, you can see the said crystal, the plant, and the leaves you need to destroy.

These are all 8 Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Rot collectibles locations you’ll have to discover in the third area of the video game developed by Ember Lab before entering the Storehouse, where 3 additional Rots are found.

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