Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro’s Tree Rot Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
September 21, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro’s Tree Rot collectibles are a bit trickier than those you have found in the Prologue, but they are quite important as they allow you to unlock new abilities for Kena.

In Taro’s Tree area, there are 7 Kena Bridge of Spirits hidden Rot you must find, but one of them requires Kena’s second weapon, which is the Bow.

As such, in case you need help with the Kena Bridge of Spirits Taro’s Tree Rot locations, below I’ll tell you where to find them.

Keep in mind, though, that in this area, you’ll also need to find:

Taro’s Tree Rot Location #1

The first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rot in Taro’s Tree area is found behind the Forest Path fast-travel point.

First, you’ll need to clear the area and destroy the Deadzone Heart by defeating a series of monsters, including one that is armored.

Next, look around, and you’ll see a house.

Opposed to it is a cave that is blocked by corruption.

Create a Rot Cloud using the flower nearby, destroy the corruption and enter the cave. Use Kena’s pulse to reveal the hidden Rot.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro's Tree Rot Locations

Taro’s Tree Rot Location #2

The next Taro’s Tree Rot location is best approached after you get to Taro’s Tree and use the mask to find out what happened to him.

That’s because you’ll remove the darkness around you, and you’ll be able to explore the forest.

Now, you’ll want to backtrack a bit and find Taro’s Tree fast-travel point by the road.

Southwest (location on the map below), you’ll find a small clearing. The hidden Rot is under a tree branch, and you can use your little friends to set him free.

Taro’s Tree Rot Location #3

After you get the previous Rot, head west of Taro’s Tree fast-travel point.

At the location on my map below, up in a tree, you’ll see a purple globe.

Use Kena’s Pulse to reveal the Rot that will fall on the stones under the globe.

Taro’s Tree Rot Location #4

The next Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro’s Tree hidden Rot, is close to the previous one, as you can see on my map below.

When you get to the location marked, look on the ground for two stones you can move.

Under one of them, there are several enemies you’ll need to defeat.

Under the second one is the collectible.

Taro’s Tree Rot Location #5

The fifth hidden Rot in Taro’s Tree area is found north of the tree; however, this is best approached later, once you clear the corruption by progressing through the story.

At the location marked on my map, look for a large log above a small river.

There is also a small waterfall under the log and in front of it, the Rot. 

Taro’s Tree Rot Location #6

For the next Taro’s Tree Hidden Rot, you’ll need to unlock the Bow.

Ideally, you’ll also clear the corruption around Taro’s Tree, then when standing in front of the actual tree (Meditation Point), turn right, and you’ll see a wall of stone.

In front of it is a large tree that was cut. Its location is the one marked on my map below and your starting point since you’ll need to do some climbing.

So, hop on the tree’s trunk, then head forward and look to your right and up; to spot a green flower you can shoot with a charged arrow.

Now, you’ll reach an elevated section, and you’ll have to climb on several walls after you jump a gap.

Simply follow the painted ledges, then make sure you look down to spot the rock in my image. Under it is the little guy.

Taro’s Tree Rot Location #7

The last Rot in this area is also the trickiest to find, even if normally it is the first you can collect.

This is found the moment you leave the Village, but the problem is that it can be missed because of its location.

So, the first thing you’ll want to do is to get to the location on my map, and then you’ll want to look around to spot 2 piles of leaves.

Create a Rot Cloud from the plant in the clearing, then spin the cloud into the two stacks of leaves.

Once you do that, you’ll reveal a tree branch, and once you call the little guys, they’ll free their friend.

These are all 7 Kena Bridge of Spirits Taro’s Tree Rot collectibles locations you’ll have to discover in the video game developed by Ember Lab. Once you get them, it’s time to find the 10 Rot on Rusu Mountain (revealed here).

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