Kena Bridge Of Spirits Storehouse Rot Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
September 24, 2021

Thankfully there are only 3 Kena Bridge Of Spirits Storehouse Rot collectibles you’ll need to find in the fourth area of the video game developed by Ember Lab, mainly because it is the smallest one.

The little creatures, however, are very well hidden, and the last one is almost impossible to spot.

Nevertheless, if you aim for the Platinum trophy, you’ll need to find all Rot in the game, including the 3 tiny guys we’ll cover below.

Before we begin, it’s worth mentioning that during the story, the Storehouse will become inaccessible at some point, so you’ll want to return here after you complete all objectives in the Files.

Also, keep in mind that along with the 3 Rot in the Storehouse, you’ll also have to find:

Now, let’s see where to find the 3 Storehouse Rots. 

Storehouse Rot Location #1

The first Kena Bridge of Spirits Storehouse Rot is a bit tricky and may require several tries since it involves an archery challenge.

Let’s start with its location.

While standing in front of the large gate leading towards the Fields, you’ll see a round platform.

Step on it, then to the left, you’ll see some stairs.

Follow them all the way to the upper floor, then turn left to spot several stones.

Throw a bomb and then go through the crack in the wall to notice a secret area with a rune on the ground (pictured).

Activate Kena’s Pulse then you’ll see five targets flying in the air. Shoot all of them before they disappear, and the Rot will spawn at Kena’s feet.

Storehouse Rot Location #2

Luckily, the second Storehouse hidden Rot is far easier to collect.

Once you get the previous one, return to the round plate in front of the large gate, and while facing it on the left side, you’ll see a pile of rocks (also pictured).

Throw a bomb, and under these rocks, you’ll see another Rot.

Storehouse Rot Location #3

The last Storehouse Rot in Kena Bridge Of Spirits is found in the upper area that is opposed to the large gate leading to the Fields.

To get there, your starting point is the same round plate in front of the gate that allows you to enter the Fields.

On the left side, while facing the side gate, there are some stones, one of them with a crystal on it.

When you shoot the crystal, it turns into some stairs you can climb, then head left, and you’ll slide down to the area where the collectible is found (marked on the map).

Here there are multiple chests, but one of them is very well hidden.

The moment you enter this section, look for a green flower that is close to the ceiling.

Shoot it, and you’ll land on a ledge near the chest with the third Rot.

These are all 3 Kena Bridge Of Spirits Storehouse Rot collectibles locations you’ll have to discover in the fourth area of the video game developed by Ember Lab; then you’ll enter the Fields where 19 Rot collectibles must be retrieved.

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