Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro’s Tree Flower Shrines Locations Guide

by Vlad
September 21, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro’s Tree Flower Shrines count as collectibles you’ll need to find in the first area you’ll explore after the Prologue.

There are only two Kena Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrines in Taro’s Tree, and one of them is extremely easy to find since it introduces this type of collectible in the video game developed by Ember Lab.

Taro’s Tree is the area you’ll access upon reaching the Village while working on helping Taro.

Along with the two Flower Shrines revealed below, you’ll also need to find:

Here is where to find both Kena Bridge of Spirits Taro’s Tree Flower Shrines collectibles.

Taro’s Tree Flower Shrine #1

Upon removing the Deadzone Heart, the moment you enter Taro’s Tree area, you’ll trigger a small tutorial that teaches you how to bring your Rot together.

Or how to move the Rot Cloud.

Use the Rot Cloud to remove the corruption that is blocking the path ahead simply by slamming it.

Then in the next area, you’ll see a statue (shrine) on the left side.

It is opposed to the small waterfall on the right side as you enter.

The trick here is to move the Rot Clout from the previous area as fast as you can and slam the corruption on the Flower Shrine pictured below; however, you can also create a new Rot Cloud if you use the drop near the waterfall and place it on the root in front of the two brothers.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro's Tree Flower Shrines Locations

Taro’s Tree Flower Shrine #2

The second Kena Bridge of Spirits Taro’s Tree Flower Shrine is a bit trickier to get, and it requires Kena’s Bow obtained by progressing through the story from Rusu.

Once you get it, retrace your steps to Taro’s Tree and when you exit the tunnel in the forest, turn left.

Here you’ll want to look for the corrupted Flower Shrine on the western side of Taro’s Tree. You’ll find it at the location marked on my map below.

kena bridge of spirits taros tree flower shrines locations guide - GameClubz

While facing it, turn around, and you’ll see a small lampion near a tree.

On that tree, if you look up, you’ll spot a crystal you can shoot.

Next, you’ll have to follow the sparking lights to the second one close to the road, then to the third one towards the tunnel, then to the last one on the other side of the road.

Shoot all crystals, and after the last one, you’ll be able to grow a plant and create a Rot Cloud.

Control the Cloud and take it all the way to the Flower Shrine across the road, then slam the corruption.

Don’t forget to interact with the shrine.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Taro's Tree Flower Shrines Collectibles Locations

These are the two Kena Bridge of Spirits Taro’s Tree Flower Shrines collectibles you’ll need to find if you aim for the Platinum Trophy, then you can focus on finding the next 3 in Rusu Mountain.

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