Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Flower Shrines Locations Guide

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September 22, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Flower Shrines are a bit harder to spot compared to those from Taro’s Tree, and they are located in areas easy to miss.

The three Kena Bridge of Spirits Flower Shrines in the Rusu Mountain area of the video game developed by Ember Lab; are, as you can guess, mandatory if you want to clear this large region.

As such, below, we’ll cover all Flower Shrines’ locations in Rusu Mountain.

Along with them, when exploring the mountain, you’ll also need to find:

Here is where to find the 3 Kena Bridge of Spirits Rusu Mountain Flower Shrines collectibles.

Rusu Mountain Flower Shrine #1

The first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Flower Shrine is found on the path leading up to Rusu’s House.

As you can see on my map below, it is close to the large statue with horns, and here Kena will have to use her mask for a short cutscene.

After the cutscene, while facing the large state, turn left to spot a path that is blocked by corruption.

Create a Rot Cloud from the plant in front of the large Altar, then use it to slam the corruption blocking the said path.

At the end of the said path, you’ll find the Flower Shrine that you can purify using the Rot Cloud Slam.

Rusu Mountain Flower Shrine #2

The second Flower Shrine on Rusu Mountain is found east of Rusu’s Lookout fast-travel point.

The location (marked below) is near a training area, and you’ll also see a lever nearby.

To remove the corruption on this shrine, follow the path up on the hill nearby, and you’ll see a tree with a crystal on it.

Shoot the crystal, then pick the water drop and place it on the plant near the tree.

Now, create a Rot Cloud and move it down the hill where the Flower Shrine is located, then Slam the corruption.

Rusu Mountain Flower Shrine #3

Last but not least, you’ll need to find the third Rusu Mountain Flower Shrine in a small cave south of Rusu’s House.

This one, however, becomes available after you clear the corruption in Rusu’s House.

Once you do that, head south, and you’ll see a large clearing.

On the other side, there is a large owl. Activate the crystal on the owl’s chest, then use the water drop on the plant in front of the statue.

Next, create a Rot Cloud, and free the entrance to the tunnel on the left side while facing the owl.

Keep moving through the tunnel, and on the other side, you’ll find the third Flower Shrine you can clear using the same Rot Cloud.

These are the 3 Kena Bridge of Spirits Rusu Mountain Flower Shrines collectibles you’ll need to find if you aim for the Platinum Trophy.

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