Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Spirit Mails Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
September 23, 2021

Kena Bridge of Spirits Forgotten Forest Spirit Mails, as you can guess, count as collectibles you’ll have to find in the third area of the video game developed by Ember Lab; and they also allow you to unlock new areas in the Village, thus leading to more collectibles.

Every Forgotten Forest Spirit Mail collectible points to a house where you need to deliver the mail, thus you’ll have to travel back to the Village once you find such a collectible.

Since these items are quite tricky to find, below I’ll tell you how to get and where to deliver them.

It’s worth outlining, however, that these are best approached after you finish all objectives in the Forgotten Forest because some areas can’t be accessed unless all corruption is removed.

Also, keep in mind that along with the Spirit Mail collectibles in Forgotten Forest, you can also retrieve:

Forgotten Forest Spirit Mail #1

The first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Spirit Mail is found west of the Water Shrine Fast-Travel Point, as you can see on my map below.

Similar to other collectibles in this area, it requires you to clean the corruption on the said shrine first.

Now, if you look at the Warp Point, you’ll notice a hill behind it, as well as a wooden fence you can’t break.

So start by finishing the Water Shrine puzzle and removing the corruption. 

Next, after you are done with the Water Shrine, you’ll be able to create a Rot Cloud from the plant in front of the Water Shrine.

Guide your Rot Cloud to the area opposed to the Fast-Travel Point and slam the corruption to reveal a stone block.

Command Kena’s little friends to move the block and place it by the wall near the Fast-Travel Point.

Jump on the block, then in the elevated section, turn right and use the Rot to remove the wooden fence.

To get the Spirit Mail head on the tree trunk that acts as a bridge, then look up and to the left to spot a flower you can shoot (second image below).

Shoot it and while in the air, turn right to spot another flower and quickly shoot it as well.

Finally, while in the air, turn left to see the third flower you can shoot. Do so, and you’ll be teleported near the Spirit Mail (third picture).

Forgotten Forest Spirit Mail Delivery #1

After you get the first Spirit Mail in Forgotten Forest, it’s time to deliver it, and the delivery house is the one east of the Village Center Fast-Travel Point (pictured on the map below).

After you place the mail in the box in front of the house, head through the narrow alley on the left side of the house and send your Rot to the red flower (second image).

Now, destroy the corruption, then head inside the house and look for a hidden Rot in the cabinet as well as other loot.

Forgotten Forest Spirit Mail #2

For the second Kena Bridge Of Spirits Spirit Mail in Forgotten Forest, you have to reach the top of the tree marked on my map.

This can be easily done once you clear this area because you’ll learn the path to the top of the tree located just south of the one in my screenshot.

Basically, you’ll have to shoot a flower while standing on a mossy tree branch, then while on the other tree, use the ledges on the right side to get to the collectible (also pictured).

Forgotten Forest Spirit Mail Delivery #2

Now that you have the second Spirit Mail, it’s time to deliver it to another house.

This time, as you can see, it’s located west of the Village Center Fast-Travel Point.

When you get to the Village Center, look for a small terrace and follow the stairs up to the mailbox.

Place the mail inside, then destroy the flower in the house using your Rot. There are three chests you may want to open inside this house.

These are the 2 Kena Bridge of Spirits Forgotten Forest Spirit Mails collectibles you’ll need to find if you aim for the Platinum Trophy, along with the one in the Storehouse.

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