Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Hats Locations Guide

Vlad Susanu Written by Vlad Susanu
September 23, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Hats or Rot Hats are scattered around the third area you’ll get to explore in the video game developed by Ember Lab.

They are a bit trickier than those on Rusu Mountain, and one of them also involves a small puzzle that must be solved.

In Forgotten Forest, you’ll need to retrieve 6 Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rot Hats, all of them counting as collectibles, along with the following:

So, let’s see where to find all Rot Hats in Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest.

Forgotten Forest Hat #1 – Sibling’s Mask

The first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Hat is found inside a chest that is located on top of a large tree trunk that was cut.

You can see its exact location on my map below.

To get close to the said chest, you must shoot the green flower above it while standing on the tree trunks across the river (second screenshot).

You may remember these tree trunks from the first hidden Rot collectible we found here.

Forgotten Forest Hat #2 – Acorn

The second Kena Bridge Of Spirits Forgotten Forest Rot Hat is far easier to get because it’s automatically awarded when you find the Rot Hat Cart pictured below.

To get close to it and claim the Hat, simply climb the ledges near the small river to the east.

Forgotten Forest Hat #3 – Purple Mushroom

The Purple Mushroom Rot Hat is also very accessible, being located in another chest northeast of the previous hat.

The said chest is found in a cave behind a waterfall marked on my map.

To get there, you can follow the dirt road east and then drop in front of the waterfall.

Forgotten Forest Rot Hat #4 – Deer

For the next Forgotten Forest Rot Hat collectible, you’ll need to solve a small puzzle at the location marked on my map.

When you get close to the Sacred Tree Fast-Travel Point while facing the entrance on the right side, you’ll see three small plates (also pictured).

On them, you’ll need to place 3 owl statues that can be found nearby:

  • One of them is found in the small clearing on the right side while facing the plates
  • The second is found on the path on the left side while facing the same plates, just in front of the big wooden ramp
  • The third one is found at the edge of the cliff in the back while facing the same plates

Forgotten Forest Rot Hat #5 – Taro

Another hidden Rot Hat is found inside one of the Forgotten Cursed Chests.

Its location is marked on the map below, and to get the hat, you’ll need to complete a small challenge that requires you to defeat all enemies before the time runs out.

There is a total of 5 enemies that must be dispatched.

Forgotten Forest Rot Hat #6 – Pinecone

For the final Hat, you’ll need to return to the Lantern Cave, then work your way down the hill, in case you missed it while exploring this area of the forest.

As you can see on my map, this Hat is found in a chest by the forest path.

It’s very easy to spot and collect, but it requires some backtracking if you did not collect it while following the game’s story.

These are all 6 Kena Bridge of Spirits Forgotten Forest Rot Hats you’ll need to get if you want to clear this area, then focus on the Rot Hat in the Storehouse.

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