Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Hats Locations Guide

by Vlad
September 22, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Hats or Rot Hats are a lot trickier than those we have found in Taro’s Tree area, but nevertheless mandatory if you are a completionist.

Except for one of them, which is unlocked automatically, the remaining 5 require a keen eye and attention to the environment.

On Rusu Mountain (which is quite large), you’ll need to retrieve 6 Kena Bridge Of Spirits Hats, all of them counting as collectibles, along with the following:

So, let’s see where to find all Rot Hats on Rusu Mountain, the second area you’ll explore in the video game developed by Ember Lab 

Rusu Mountain Hat #1 – Bird’s Nest

The very first Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Hat is found inside the Cursed chest, and to get it; you’ll need to complete a little challenge.

This chest can be found the moment you reach the large wooden bridge.

Before having the Rot pull the bridge for Kena, while facing it, turn right to spot a painted ledge. It’s basically next to the bridge.

Jump and grab the ledge, then follow it to reach a clearing on the top of the mountain (location marked on the map below).

Now approach the chest, and to collect the hidden Hat inside, you’ll have to defeat all enemies without being hit.

You can easily do this if you use Kena’s Bow.

Rusu Mountain Hat #2 – Squash

The second Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rusu Mountain Rot Hat requires you to solve a small puzzle in Rusu’s Garden, and this one is best approached after you clear the corruption inside his house.

Once you do this, head to the said garden (marked on the map below) and look for two targets you can shoot.

Do this, and you’ll get a water drop you can place on the plant nearby (left side while facing the targets).

Next, use the Rot to create a Rot Cloud and water the plants in the garden (move it around).

The Hat is obtained from one of the Rots that pops out, and it is the Squash Hat.

Rusu Mountain Hat #3 – Flower

Another Rusu Mountain Hat collectible is found in the clearing south of Rusu’s House, and again you’ll want to get it after you clear the area of corruption.

After you get to the location marked on my map below, look around for a running/flying yellow flower.

It is, in fact, a hidden Rot, and after you slow the little guy down with Kena’s Pulse, you’ll be able to collect him and the Flower Hat he is wearing. 

Rusu Mountain Hat #4 – Whirley Bird

Next, we have a Rusu Mountain hidden Rot Hat that is obtained automatically when you approach the Hat Cart.

You can see its location on the map below, and it is northeast of Rusu’s Lookout fast-travel point near the edge of the mountain.

Simply get close to the cart, and the hat is yours.

Rusu Mountain Hat #5 – Rusu’s Mask

The next Hat collectible is a bit trickier, but the good thing here is that it’s found near the previous one.

After you discover the Hat Cart turn around and notice the lever on the platform in the distance. Pull it, and you’ll start a shooting exercise.

It has multiple rounds, so keep pulling the same lever and shoot the suspended targets until you unlock the mask.

Rusu Mountain All Hats Locations Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Rusu Mountain Hat #6 – Feather

The last collectible is found south of Rusu’s House, and it requires some platforming.

You can see its actual location on my map below, and your starting point is the clearing where you found the third Hat.

Here you’ll see some large cogs. Send your Rot to the one in the middle, then shoot the crystal below to move the platform.

No jump on it from the ledge on the left side. Then jump to the upper clearing.

Next, go around and explore the next area to see a wooden lift. While standing on it, shoo the crystal on the other side to move the lift up.

In the next section, you’ll have to find a green flower and shoot it, then while in the air, turn right to spot another flower.

Quickly shoot it, and you’ll be teleported to a secret area where the chest pictured below awaits. Inside is the Rot Hat.

These are all 6 Kena Bridge of Spirits Rusu Mountain Hats you’ll need to get if you want to clear this area, then you’ll need to find the next 6 in Forgotten Forest.

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