Kena Bridge Of Spirits Find The Rot: Where To Search For More Rot In The Area

Written by Vlad Susanu
September 21, 2021

Kena Bridge Of Spirits search for more Rot in the area is one of the objectives you’ll need to complete early in the video game developed by Ember Lab.  

Basically, this objective becomes available after you leave the cave where Kena’s adventure starts and after the Hero Rot joined your team.

In order to advance through the story, you’ll need to find a total of 5 Rot scattered around the forest.

As such, below we’ll discuss the Kena Bridge Of Spirits Find The Rot objective and where to find the 5 little fellows required to continue Kena’s journey.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits – Where To Find The Rot

As said, you’ll need to find 5 hidden Kena Bridge Of Spirits Rot to complete this part of the story.

Since there is no map to guide you, try to follow the order below from the moment you find Hero Rot, unlocking the corresponding trophy in the process:

Location #1 – By The Altar

While standing on the platform where you meet Hero Rot, press and hold L1 to activate Kena’s Pulse while facing the wall of stone in the distance.

Jump/double jump to reach the upper section, then head left and jump over the small gap.

The first companion is in front of you, by the small altar with yellow flowers.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Search For More Rot

Location #2 – On A Tree Trunk

Now, from your previous location, head forward, and you’ll see a large log over the dirt path.

Instead of moving towards it, hear right and hug the right side, then jump to reach the upper section.

Here you’ll find another Kena Bridge of Spirits Rot on a tree trunk.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Search For More Rot Location Guide

Location #3 – By The Tree Altar

After you get the second one, turn around, jump over the small gap, and cross the large tree trunk that serves as a bridge.

On the other side, you’ll see another altar, but this one has a tree in the middle.

Here, you’ll find the third.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Find Rot

Location #4 – In A Chest

For the fourth Kena Bridge of Spirits Rot, follow the path near the altar above and move down the hill, then take a left turn to enter the ruins.

The path here is linear, so simply follow it to get to a chest.

You should see it on the left side as you descend the stairs. Open it.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Find All 5 Rot Locations

Location #5 – In A Cave

To get the final one, you’ll want to retrace your steps back to the waterfall.

While standing on the round plate, press and hold L1 on PlayStation, and you’ll see the stone platform moving up.

Jump on them to get behind the waterfall, and in the cave, you’ll see the fifth Rot.

To collect it, make sure you use Kena’s Pulse.

Kena Bridge of Spirits All 5 Forest Rot Locations

Once you get all 5 Kena Bridge of Spirits Rots, return to the corrupted tree and use your cute companions to destroy the Deadzone Heart. It looks just like a red flower.

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