Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altars Locations Guide

by Vlad
July 23, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altars are collectibles and unique landmarks that must be discovered while exploring the Island of Tsushima in the latest video game developed by Sucker Punch.

The Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altars are very important because they allow you to unlock the Honor the Unseen trophy, but they are also the hardest-to-find collectibles in the game.

Each time you find a Hidden Altar in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll have to honor Jin’s ancestors by bowing in front of it.

Usually, the locations of the Hidden Altars can be found through exploration; however, you will be able to find them faster if you use maps, especially because they aren’t mentioned anywhere in the game.

Throughout the following Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altars locations guide, I will share with you the positions of 11 Hidden Altars in Ghost of Tsushima

Although there are a lot more, you only need 10 of them to unlock the said trophy.

The guide includes detailed maps that will point you in the right direction, as well as hints and tips on where to find these landmarks in Ghost of Tsushima.

Let’s begin with some FAQs.

What Is A Hidden Altar In Ghost Of Tsushima?

A Hidden Altar is a hidden wooden shrine you’ll need to find while exploring the world. 

It counts as a collectible.

How Many Hidden Altars Are In The Game?

Because of the world’s size, currently, it is unknown how many Hidden Altars are in Ghost of Tsushima.

How To Find Hidden Altars In The Game?

The only known method to find them is to fully explore the world paying close attention to your surroundings or using a guide.

They mark strange landmarks such as trees and cemeteries, but they can also be found in villages or on docks.

When looking for them, you’ll want to find small signs showing a bowing samurai, like those in the pictures below.

What Do You Do At Hidden Altars In Ghost Of Tsushima?

When you find such an altar, you’ll have to place Jin in front of it and slide your finger down on the TouchPad to bow.

This shows Jin’s respect in front of a landmark where one of his ancestors died.

In return, the Island of Tsushima will react to your gesture, and a small event will take place.

It can be random, and it can take various forms.

From a special bird appearing to butterflies and fireflies flying around you, these events are not only full of meaning but also amazing.

So, I suggest you find these altars while playing the video game with your headphones on because they are really great.

How To Unlock Honor The Unseen Trophy?

To unlock Honor The Unseen Trophy, you need to find 10 Hidden Altars and interact with them.

You don’t have to find all Hidden Altars so focus only on 10.

To make sure you get the trophy, I have added 11 in the following guide, but you can stop looking for the last one when the trophy pops.

Hidden Altars Locations

The list below features the locations of 11 Hidden Altars in Ghost of Tsushima, even if the trophy unlocks after you find 10.

This way, you can have a backup in case one of them is bugged.

1. Tadayori’s Rest Hidden Altar

The first Hidden Altar is located at Tadayori’s Rest, west of Kuta River Bridge. 

Look for it in the middle of a field of violet flowers. Here you will see a small shrine and the Hidden Altar on the right side.

Bow, and you should see some flower petals flying around you.

2. Kechi Fishing Village Hidden Altar

The second Ghost of Tsushima Hidden Altar is located in Kechi Fishing Village. Look for it east, near the docks.

It is close to the location where The Laughing Bandis Side Tale starts.

When you bow in front of it, fish will jump in the river. Quite cool, right?

3. Yoichi’s Crossroads Hidden Altar​

The next Hidden Altar in Ghost of Tsushima is found at Yoichi’s Crossroads.

You’ll find it at the end of the cemetery in the middle of some Budha Statues.

There is also a Singing Cricket here.

Bow to the sign, and fireflies will start flying around, as you can see below.

4. Yagata Farmstead Hidden Altar​​

For the next one, you’ll have to travel northwest of Yagata Farmstead.

In the middle of the area marked below is a strange tree surrounded by red flowers.

Close to the tree is the Hidden Altar. When you bow in front of it, blue butterflies will fly around you.

5. Iijima Farmstead Hidden Altar​​​

The fifth Hidden Altar you should find is northwest of Iijima Farmstead next to a Pillar of Honor.

It is very easy to find because the Pillar is marked on your map.

When you bow in front of it, red butterflies spawn.

6. Stone Mire Lookout Hidden Altar​​​​

South-west of Stone Mire Lookout is another Hidden Altar.

This location is the same as the one where you start The River Children Side Tale.

The sign is located on the dock, and nearby you should see a wooden bridge across the river.

Bow and fish will jump from the water. You may also want to grab the Linen near the sign.

7. Omi Village Hidden Altar​​​​

Southeast of Omi Village but northwest of Kishibe Village, on the river’s shore, you should see a dueling area under a tree with red leaves.

On the dock nearby is the Hidden Altar. Once you pray to it, more fish will jump from the water.

8. Omi Village Docks Hidden Altar​​​​

From the previous location, just walk north towards Omi Village, and stay on the shore. The next Altar is on the docks nearby.

Actually, when you pray to it, you should be able to see the tree with the red leaves in the distance.

Again, fish will jump from the river.

9. Umugi Cove Hidden Altar​​​​​

Moving to the second region in the game, Toyotama, just west of Umugi Cove, is another Hidden Altar.

Exit the cove, and move west while walking on the suspended wooden structures.

The collectible is behind some crates, and when you bow, you’ll see more fish jumping from the river on the left side.

10. Adachi Estate Hidden Altar​​​​​​

Back to Izuhara now, the tenth Hidden Altar (which should also trigger the trophy) is located southwest of Adachi Estate.

It is in a cemetery, on the left side of a plaque showing Budha. When you bow, blue butterflies will fly in front of you.

11. Kaneda Castle Hidden Altar​​​​​​

The final Hidden Altar is located southwest of Kaneda Castle, also in Izuhara.

Look for it near a very tall tree in the middle of a rice field.

When you bow, a beautiful bird with red and blue feathers will fly and land on the rock behind this Ghost of Tsushima collectible, as you can see below.

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