Ghost of Tsushima All Shinto Shrines Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
July 15, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrines are collectibles and hidden locations that must be discovered while exploring the Island of Tsushima in the latest video game developed by Sucker Punch.

The Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrines are very important because they contain Omamori Charms and Wax Wood.

Each time you find a Shinto Shrine in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll have to honor it by praying.

Usually, the locations of these shrines can be found by following yellow birds; however, you will be able to find them faster if you use maps.

Throughout the following Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrines locations guide, I will share with you the positions of all Shinto Shrines in the video game.

The guide includes detailed maps that will point you in the right direction, as well as hints and tips on where to find these collectibles in Ghost of Tsushima.

Keep in mind that there are 16 Shinto Shrines in the video game, and you’ll need to find all of them in order to unlock the Favor of the Kami Trophy.

They are very similar to the Inari Shrines that allow you to unlock new Charm Slots, but you should not confuse them.

Before we begin, here are several fast facts and FAQs.

What Is A Shinto Shrine In Ghost Of Tsushima?

A Shinto Shrine is a hidden location and a landmark you’ll need to find while exploring the world. 

It counts as a collectible, and it includes a platforming section since, usually, these Shrines are located in places hard to reach.

How Many Shinto Shrines Are In The Game?

Ghost of Tsushima features 16 hidden Shinto Shrines.

What Do You Do At Shinto Shrines In Ghost Of Tsushima?

Place Jin in front of it and press R2 on your controller to honor the shrine.

How To Find All Shinto Shrines In The Game?

To find these Ghost of Tsushima collectibles, you have three options.

The first one is through exploration, and it requires your attention to the environment, especially to yellow birds that will eventually lead you to the locations of the hidden shrines.

Alternatively, you can use the maps below and visit the locations of the shrines without wasting time. The second method is faster.

Finally, you can reveal them by liberating all Occupied Mongol Territories

One thing you need to remember here is that after you clear the Mongol presence on Tsushima, all locations appear on your map as question marks, and it is quite hard to know which location is a Shinto Shrine.

Therefore, use the locations guide below to find these landmarks.

When looking for these shrines, your starting point is a Torii Gate.

From there, follow the lamps, and after a long climbing section, you’ll get to the actual shrine.

What Do You Get For Completing All Shinto Shrines?

Besides Omamori Charms, the Shinto Shrines are also required for the Favor of the Kami Trophy.

An important thing you need to remember before leaving is that each shrine you honor rewards a unit of Wax Wood and a Charm, but there is also an additional Wax Tree nearby.

Since this Ghost of Tsushima resource is very rare, do not descend to the shrine’s location before finding it.

How To Check How Many Shinto Shrines You Have Left?

If you wish to see how many shrines you have found (track your progress), open the game’s menu and press L1/R1 to access the Collections tab.

Next, go to the Exploration sub-tab and look for the Shinto Shrines window.

In the upper left corner, you can see the total amount of shrines in the game and the number of collectibles you have found.

All Izuhara Shinto Shrines Locations & Maps

The first 7 Shinto Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima are found in Izuhara Region.

1. Arrow Peak Shrine

Ghost of Tsushima Arrow Peak Shrine is located north of Azamo Bay and also north of a Pillar of Honor.

It unlocks the Charm of Inari, which is the one you can use if you want to farm supplies and also farm bamboo.

2. Winding Mountain Shrine

Close to Fallen Outpost, the Winding Mountain Shrine unlocks the Charm of Izanagi.

3. Plum Blossom Shrine

North of Komatsu Forge, southeast of Carved Mountain Hotspring, and east of Kashine Haiku is Plum Blossom Shrine.

It unlocks the Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi.

4. Golden Summit Shrine

Just south of Golden Temple is the Golden Summit Shrine which unlocks the Charm of Amaterasu.

5. Stone Dragon Shrine

North-west of the Shipyard and west of a Survivor Camp, you’ll find Stone Dragon Shrine and the Charm of Susanoo.

6. Spring Falls Shrine

Northeast of Yagata Farmstead and southeast of Takeshiki Farmstead is the Spring Falls Shinto Shrine.

It unlocks the Charm of Izu-No-Kami.

7. Mending Rock Shrine

The Mending Rock Shrine unlocks the Charm of Okuninushi and can be found southeast of Castle Kaneda and east of Fort Nakayama.

All Toyotama Shinto Shrines Locations & Maps

The next 6 Shinto Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima are found in Toyotama Region.

8. Marsh Rock Shrine

Marsh Rock Shrine is found in the southern area, just northeast of Akashima Village.

It unlocks the Charm of Izanami.

9. Scarlet Rock Shrine

West of Iijima Farmstead is the Scarlet Rock Shinto Shrine.

Once explored, it unlocks the Charm of Tsukuyomi.

10. Hazy Cliff Shrine

Hazy Cliff Shrine is found west of Forest’s Edge Camp, on the western shore.

This Shinto Shrine unlocks the Charm of Ryuujin.

11. Lush Peak Shrine

On the eastern coast, east of Yarikawa Village is Lush Peak Shrine, close to Taka’s Grave.

If you have found all Singing Crickets and advanced enough through the game, make sure you play the Lament of the Storm Song at Taka’s Grave to unlock the Dirge of the Fallen Forge Trophy.

You can do this before unlocking the Lush Peak Shrine and the Charm of Shinatsushiko.

12. Cloud Ridge Shrine

East of Koshimizu Farmstead is another Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrine.

The Cloud Ridge Shrine unlocks the Charm of Azumi-No-Isora.

13. Turtle Rock Shrine

The last Ghost of Tsushima Toyotama Shinto Shrine is Turtle Rock.

It is located just south of Riverside Farm, and it unlocks the Charm of Hoori-No-Mikoto.

All Kamiagata Shinto Shrines Locations & Maps

The final 3 Shinto Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima are found in Kamiagata Region.

14. Frost Cliff Shrine

Frost Cliff Shrine is located on the eastern coast, south of an Inari Shrine (Fox Den), and southeast of Twilight’s Edge Overlook.

It unlocks the Charm of Nigihayahi-No-Mikoto.

15. Crane Mountain Shrine

Next, we have the Crane Mountain Shrine located east of Frozen Overlook and south of Derelict Mine.

It unlocks the Charm of Ikazuchi-No-Kami.

16. Snowlit Peak Shrine

The final Ghost of Tsushima Shinto Shrine is Snowlit Peak.

You’ll find it in the northern area, north of Mountain Pass and northeast of General Dogshin’s Camp.

It unlocks the Charm of Takemikazuchi.

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