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Ghost of Tsushima All Pillars of Honour Locations Guide

Ghost of Tsushima All Pillars of Honour Locations Guide

by VladJuly 15, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor Locations Guide

Pillars of Honour is a type of Ghost of Tsushima collectibles and unique landmarks that must be discovered while exploring the Island of Tsushima in the latest video game developed by Sucker Punch.

The Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honour, are very important because they allow you to customize Jin’s swords. Once found you can further change how Jin Sakai’s weapons look by collecting Dye Flowers.

Each time you find a Pillar of Honour in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll have to collect the Sword Kit from it. Usually, the locations of the Pillars of Honour can be found through exploration; however, you will be able to find them faster if you use maps.

Throughout the following Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honour locations guide, I will share with you the positions of all Pillars of Honour in the video game.

The guide includes detailed maps that will point you in the right direction, as well as hints and tips on where to find these collectibles in Ghost of Tsushima.

Keep in mind that there are 23 Pillars of Honour in the video game and you’ll need to find at least 1 in order to unlock the Lost and Found Trophy. These are similar to the Haiku which unlock new Headbands.

General Information

  • Type: Collectibles/Hidden Locations
  • Usage: Character Customization; Unlocking Lost and Found Trophy; Count as Vanity Gear
  • Total Number: 23

In-Game Description

“These pillars were erected all over the island by Tsushima’s first jito. They honor the samurai who gave their lives to bring peace and order to Tsushima.”

How To Find & Use

To find these Ghost of Tsushima collectibles you have several options. The first one is through exploration and it requires your attention to the environment.

Yellow birds usually guide you to them.

Alternatively, you can use the maps below and visit the marked locations without looking for them. The second method is faster.

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Finally, you can reveal them by liberating all Occupied Mongol Territories. Simply check my video guide below to see all these territories.

One thing you need to remember here is that after you clear the Mongol presence on Tsushima, all locations appear on your map as question marks; and it is quite hard to know which location is a Pillar of Honor.

Therefore, use the locations guide below to find these landmarks.

Once you find one of these pillars, place Jin in front of it and press R2 to pick up the Sword Kit.

If you wish to see how many collectibles you have found (track your progress), open the game’s menu, and press L1/R1 to access the Collections tab.

Next, go to the Exploration sub-tab and look for the Pillars of Honour window. In the upper left corner, you can see the total amount of pillars in the game and the number of collectibles you have located.

Last but not least, all 23 Pillars of Honor unlock Sword Kits which count as Vanity Gear, so finding all of them is mandatory.

Ghost of Tsushima Izuhara Pillars of Honour Locations

The first 6 Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor can be found in Izuhara Region.

Pillar of Honor #1

Found east of Azamo Bay and southeast of Tangled Crossroads, this Pillar of Honour unlocks the Twilight On! Sword Kit.

Pillar of Honor #2

Northwest of Tangled Crossroads and north of Azamo Bay.

It unlocks the Mamushi Venom Sword Kit.

Pillar of Honor #3

East of Kuta River Bridge and southeast of Kuta Farmstead.

The third Ghost of Tsushima Pillar of Honor unlocks the Warrior’s Brush Sword Kit.

Pillar of Honor #4

Southeast of the Shipyard and northeast of Komatsu Forge, the Pillar of Honour below unlocks the Spring Bamboo Sword Kit.

Pillar of Honor #5

West of Furuta Village and south of Komoda Lighthouse you’ll find a new pillar which unlocks the Genbu’s Darkness Sword Kit.

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Pillar of Honor #6

Yasha’s Embers Sword Kit is unlocked by finding the pillar north of Ariake Lighthouse and east of Yoichi’s Crossroads.

Pillar of Honor #7

The last Pillar of Honor in Izuhara unlocks the Fuujin’s Secret Sword Kit.

You’ll find it northwest of Castle Kaneda and northeast of Firefly Hill Hot Spring.

Ghost of Tsushima Toyotama Pillars of Honour Locations

Nine additional Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor can be found in Toyotama Region.

Pillar of Honor #8

The first one in this region or the ninth in the game is found in the southern part but on the eastern coast. Just opposed to Akashima Lighthouse.

Once collected it unlocks the Dueling Festival Kit.

Pillar of Honor #9

Southeast of Marsh Rock Shinto Shrine and east of Akashima Village, also on the eastern coast is another pillar.

It unlocks the Moon Bear’s Paw Kit.

Pillar of Honor #10

In the center of Toyotama, north-east of Iijima Farmstead and southwest of Dark Water Encampment is another pillar.

This one unlocks the Breath of Hachiman Sword Kit. Next to the pillar, you should also see a Hidden Altar. Make sure you bow in front of it.

Pillar of Honor #11

Next, travel southwest of Umugi Cove, where you’ll find a pillar that unlocks the Warrior’s Faith Kit.

Pillar of Honor #12

Several steps east of Lonely Forest Clearing you’ll find another pillar.

It unlocks the Hijiki in Sunlight Kit.

Pillar of Honor #13

Next, on the western coast, we have another pillar, located just west of Forest’s Edge Camp.

It unlocks the Hunting Bear Sword Kit.

Pillar of Honor #14

Straight north from Kushi Temple is the pillar pictured below.

It unlocks the Gold Koi River Kit.

Pillar of Honor #15

For the Bishamon’s Fortune Kit, travel southeast of Riverside Farm where you will find the pillar marked below.

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Pillar of Honor #16

The final pillar in Toyotama unlocks the Yuzu Peel Kit and is found west of Omi Village as you can see.

Ghost of Tsushima Kamiagata Pillars of Honour Locations

The last Ghost of Tsushima Pillars of Honor can be found in Kamiagata Region.

Here is where to look for them and what they unlock.

Pillar of Honour #17

South of Twilight’s Edge Overlook is the pillar pictured below.

It unlocks the Azure Dragon Sword Kit.

Pillar of Honour #18

The Pillar of Honor north of Kin Lighthouse and southeast of Morimae Brewery unlocks the Sly Tanuki Kit.

Pillar of Honour #19

Several steps north of Kin Sanctuary, you’ll find the Midnight Hanabi Kit, pictured below.

Pillar of Honour #20

The pillar north of White Falls Village unlocks the Shogun’s Storm Sword Kit.

Pillar of Honour #21

Just east of Jogaku Temple you should find the next Pillar of Honour.

From it, you can collect the Island’s Keeper Kit.

Pillar of Honour #22

North from the previous location, you’ll find the pillar that unlocks Tanuki’s Brush Kit.

It is located east of General Dogshin’s Camp.

Pillar of Honour #23

Finally, we have the Hidden Forest Ghost of Tsushima Sword Kit, which can be unlocked by finding the Pillar of Honor on the map below.

It is located in the upper northeastern part of Kamiagata, north from Jogaku Lighthouse.

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