Ghost of Tsushima Steel Crafting Material Location

by Vlad
July 20, 2020

Steel is a Ghost of Tsushima resource and crafting material. It can be found while exploring the world, especially by clearing Mongol territories and camps.

The Ghost of Tsushima Steel, just like other resources, plays an important role when it comes to upgrading Jin’s equipment.

As such, you need a fair amount in order to improve Jin’s katana and tanto.

Throughout the following Ghost of Tsushima Steel locations guide, I will share with you everything you need to know about this crafting material; and how to use it in the video game developed by Sucker Punch.


This material is used in crafting and for Jin’s melee weapons upgrades.


Jin can carry a total of 500 units in Ghost of Tsushima.

Item Type

Steel is considered a Ghost of Tsushima resource.


“An uncommon metal used by Swordmsiths to upgrade your katana and tanto. Also known as tamagahane steel. Found in Mongol-occupied territories.”

Similar Materials

Iron and Gold are two materials similar to this type of metal.

Ghost of Tsushima Steel Locations Guide

What Is Steel Used For In Ghost Of Tsushima

As a crafting material along with other types of metal, it is used to upgrade Jin’s swords.

This is done at any Swordsmith in a friendly village.

When a new upgrade is available, you will see the icons of those villages glowing yellow on your map.

How Do You Get Steel

This metal can be considered the equivalent of the Yew Wood, meaning that it is also uncommon, but it is used to upgrade swords.

As you can see in the picture above, you will be able to get it as a reward for liberating the Mongol Farms.

On your map, they are represented by the red wheat icons. You can see all of them here.

You can also find Steel in the round Mongol Tents.

Simply look around for chests and fully investigate each area you liberate.

Or, you can simply buy it from Trappers.

The one in Yarikawa Stronghold, for example, will trade one unit for 75 Supplies.

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