Ghost of Tsushima All Lighthouses Locations Guide

Written by Vlad Susanu
July 15, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouses are collectibles and hidden landmarks that must be discovered while exploring the Island of Tsushima in the latest video game developed by Sucker Punch.

The Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouses are very important because they improve Jin’s notoriety with the locals.

Or simply put, they increase Jin’s level, which at the end of the day, allows you to unlock new Technique Points.

Each time you find a Lighthouse in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll have to reignite it.

Usually, the locations of these lighthouses are overrun by Mongols which means that they are similar to the Occupied Areas.

Throughout the following Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouses locations guide, I will share with you the positions of all Lighthouses in the video game.

The guide includes detailed maps that will point you in the right direction, as well as hints and tips on where to find these collectibles in Ghost of Tsushima. 

Keep in mind that there are 8 Lighthouses in the video game, and you’ll need to find all of them in order to unlock the Light the Way Trophy.

As usual, let’s start the guide by answering several FAQs.

What Is A Lighthouse In Ghost Of Tsushima?

A Lighthouse is a hidden location and a landmark you’ll need to find while exploring the world. 

It counts as a collectible, and it is a tall building you’ll need to climb.

How Many Lighthouses Are In The Game?

Ghost of Tsushima features 8 hidden Lighthouses.

What Do You Do At Lighthouses In Ghost Of Tsushima?

Once you find one of these buildings, first, you’ll need to get rid of all enemies.

Then you’ll need to find the actual lighthouse building and use the ladder inside to go up.

Finally, place Jin in front of the burning brazier and press R2 on your controller to ignite the lighthouse fire.

How To Find All Lighthouses In The Game?

To find these Ghost of Tsushima collectibles, you have three options.

The first one is through exploration, and it requires your attention to the environment.

Alternatively, you can use the maps below and visit these locations conquered by the Mongols without wasting time. 

The third is to beat the game and then clear all Mongol Territories.

Once you do that, most of the locations will appear on your map marked by question marks. By visiting them, you will see what each location is hiding.

It is worth remembering that there are collectibles that can’t be found by visiting the question marks. For example, the Singing Crickets and the Hidden Altars.

What Do You Get For Completing All Lighthouses?

Along with increasing Jin’s notoriety and level, you’ll also unlock the Light the Way Trophy.

How To Check How Many Lighthouses You Have Left?

If you wish to see how many Lighthouses you have found (track your progress), open the game’s menu and press L1/R1 to access the Collections tab.

Next, go to the Exploration sub-tab and look for the Lighthouses window.

In the upper left corner, you can see the total number of Lighthouses in the game and the number of fires you have ignited.

Last but not least, there are two Lighthouses that are unlocked by playing the game’s missions.

All Izuhara Lighthouses Locations & Maps

The first 3 Lighthouses in Ghost of Tsushima are found in Izuhara Region.

1. Tsutsu Lighthouse

The Ghost of Tsushima Tsutsu Lighthouse is unlocked while playing The Tale of Ryuzo main tale.

It is located southwest of Komatsu Forge and west of Fallen Outpost.

You can’t miss its location because you’ll have to disable the alarm inside while playing the said tale.

2. Ariake Lighthouse

On the eastern coast, southeast of Yoichi’s Crossroads and Hiyoshi Springs, is Ariake Lighthouse.

Once you clear it, go inside, climb the ladder, and light it up.

3. Komoda Lighthouse

The third Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouse in Izuhara is Komoda Lighthouse.

It is found in the northwestern corner of the region, northwest of Furuta Village and Komoda Town.

Climb on top of the building again and light the brazier.

All Toyotama Lighthouses Locations & Maps

Three additional Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouses can be found in Toyotama Region.

4. Akashima Lighthouse

The first one is Akashima Lighthouse, which, just like Tsutsu Lighthouse, is unlocked while playing a story mission.

It is called A New Horizon, and it takes place during the second act of the video game.

Akashima Lighthouse is found north of Fort Ito in the southernmost part of Toyotama.

5. Kubara Lighthouse

Next, you’ll have to find Kubara Lighthouse on the eastern shore of Toyotama Region.

It is guarded by a Mongol Camp named Secluded Lighthouse, northeast of Koshimizu Farmstead.

After you clear all Mongols, follow the ladder up to light the brazier on top.

6. Sago Lighthouse

On the western shore, northwest of Omi Village, we have Sago Lighthouse.

You already know the drill by now, so clear the Mongols, then go up the ladder and light up the brazier.

All Kamiagata Lighthouses Locations & Maps

The last two Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouses can be found in Kamiagata Region.

7. Kin Lighthouse

First, we have the Kin Lighthouse on the eastern shore of Kamiagata, just east of Twilight’s Edge Overlook.

Head up the stairs, light the brazier, and you’re done.

8. Jogaku Lighthouse

And finally, Jogaku Lighthouse is located also on the eastern shore but in the northern part of the region.

Look for it, just east of Izumi Village.

Keep in mind that some players reported that the Ghost of Tsushima Jogaku Lighthouse is bugged, so you may want to save your game before lighting the brazier on top of it.

If the Light the Way Trophy doesn’t pop, reload the game.

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