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Ghost of Tsushima Infinite Supplies Glitch & Resources Farming Exploit

Ghost of Tsushima Infinite Supplies Glitch & Resources Farming Exploit

by VladJuly 20, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Infinite Supplies Farming

So, you want to become the richest samurai on Tsushima Island? Good then, because I am going to show you a method to farm Ghost of Tsushima Supplies using a glitch or an exploit that you can use whenever you need Supplies, or actually, any type of crafting material or resource.

Basically, if you use this method you can farm unlimited Supplies, Steel, and well, once you have infinite Supplies you will have everything because Supplies are the in-game currency.

This PlayStation 4 Ghost of Tsushima infinite Supplies farming method, also works early in the game, the moment you enter free roam, but for better results, there is a small requirement.

Getting the Charm of Inari

Our first step is to get a specific charm named the Charm of Inari.

It can be obtained from a Shinto Shrine named the Arrow Peak Shrine. It is located in the first region, named Izuhara, and as I said you can get it the moment you enter free roam.

Ghost of Tsushima Charm of Inari Location

So, start by talking to the NPC, then you will need to go all the way up and pray to the shrine. The path is quite long but I am pretty sure you won’t encounter too many difficulties.

Once you get on top of the mountain, and you pray at the said shrine you will get the Charm Of Inari, which increases the number of Predator Hides, Supplies, Bamboo, and Yew Wood gained from collecting.

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Make sure you equip that charm in one of your Sword’s slots.

Ghost of Tsushima Infinite Supplies Farming Spots

Next, you will need to liberate one of the small Mongol Camps. Let’s say Tangled Crossroads because it is close to our location.

These camps are very important because usually inside you will find at least one loot chest which contains Supplies.

Here is the one from Tangled Crossroads. Inside you will find Steel and Supplies. Make sure you loot it.

Ghost of Tsushima Tangled Crossroads Chest Location

Now, if you open your map and fast travel to the same location, the chest will resupply. You will find it in the same location, closed, and with all the loot inside. The amount however may be different.

Again, one Steel and more Supplies.

Ok, so does this work on all locations? Yes! On all locations where you find chests. Like the one from the Traveler’s Rest Inn.

The chest is really easy to find and it contains Steel and more Supplies.

The best location I was able to find though, is in the last area, and it is named Frozen Overlook. This specific camp is very special because it features not one, but two chests.

Once you arrive, after you clear it, you will find them in the lower section.

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Mathematically speaking I’ve got 246 Supplies in under two minutes.

How To Get Infinite Resources

Ok, so, now that we know how to get unlimited Supplies in Ghost of Tsushima, how about the rest of crafting materials?

These can be obtained from Trappers; and since we have unlimited Supplies, it means we can get our hands on unlimited materials.

One thing we need to remember here though is that not all Trappers, sell the same items. Let’s check the one in Azamo Bay.

As you can see, the trapper in Azamo Bay sells Iron, Steel, and Gold.

Ghost of Tsushima Azamo Bay Trapper

But, If we open the map and travel to the trapper in the last region, the one at Jogaku Temple, we will see that he sells way more resources, such as Steel, Gold, Leather, Silk, Yew Wood, and Wax Wood.

Okay so, this leaves us with one last question. Do Trappers restock in Ghost of Tsushima? I believe, they do but it takes time and I am pretty sure I purchased a lot of Kunais early in the game from one of them. And they restocked.

Once you get enough Supplies all you have to do is to travel to all Trappers, empty their stocks and wait for the reset time.

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And that’s it. Now you know how to get unlimited Ghost of Tsushima Supplies on PlayStation 4 and how to use those to get all the crafting materials you need for your samurai.

Last but not least make sure you use this farming method as soon as possible because I am quite sure it will be patched soon. And you can also use it to get unlimited Bamboo at this cool spot I have found.

Ghost of Tsushima Infinite Resources Farming Video Guide

Need help? Check out my video guide below on how to farm Supplies and how to trade them; as well as my Ghost of Tsushima guides on YouTube.

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