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Ghost of Tsushima Traveler’s Rest Inn Mongol Territory Location

Ghost of Tsushima Traveler’s Rest Inn Mongol Territory Location

by VladJuly 17, 2020

Ghost of Tsushima Traveler’s Rest Inn Location

Traveler’s Rest Inn is a Ghost of Tsushima Mongol Territory and occupied area you’ll have to free while playing the video game developed by Sucker Punch.

The Ghost of Tsushima Traveler’s Rest Inn is one of the 24 Izuhara areas that must be liberated to fully gain control of the first major region in the game.

It is a small enemy territory with only a few Mongols guarding a large house.

General Information

  • Camp Size: Small
  • Location: Izuhara
  • Nearby Mongol Territories: Kechi Fishing Village (North), Ogawa Dojo (Southeast), Old Trading Post (Southwest)

Defeat The Mongols

Depending on your playstyle you can liberate the Traveler’s Rest Inn area by starting a standoff in front of the main gate, or you can go around and sneak inside, then silently dispatch the Mongols.

Since this area is accessed at the beginning of the game there are no other bonus objectives. Simply kill everyone inside.

Traveler’s Rest Inn Rewards

After liberating the Traveler’s Rest Inn territory in Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll automatically receive the following rewards:

  • Minor Legend Increase
  • 8 Iron
  • Stance Progress

Traveler’s Rest Inn Post Liberation Activities

Do not leave this area without fully exploring it. Check each room inside the house as well as the courtyard to find some of the following resources and items:

  • 5 Supplies – By the burning shack outside
  • 1 Iron – Inside the house, on the ground close to the cooking pit
  • 2 Iron – Inside the small kitchen, next to the stove
  • 2 Iron – Found on the second floor that you can reach by climbing the yellow ladder near the kitchen.
  • 3 Linen – Also on the second floor, on a shelf behind the crate with the Mongol Artifact on it.
  • Mongol Artifact (Dagger) – On a wooden crate on the second floor of the house
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Along with the rewards mentioned above, there is also a chest you can find in the area known as Traveler’s Rest.

It is located between the main room of the house and the small summer kitchen. Look for it close to the ladder that allows you to reach the second floor of the building.

Inside you’ll find 1 Steel, 7 Arrows, and 25 Supplies.

Ghost of Tsushima Traveler’s Rest Inn Chest Location

Ghost of Tsushima All Mongol Territories

Looking for more Mongol Territories to liberate? Check out my video guide below on how to find all of them and their locations; as well as my Ghost of Tsushima guides on YouTube.

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