Ghost of Tsushima Yew Wood Crafting Material Location

Written by Vlad Susanu
July 11, 2020

Yew Wood is a Ghost of Tsushima resource and crafting material. It can be harvested while exploring the world, usually from random locations.

The Ghost of Tsushima Yew Wood, just like other resources, plays an important role when it comes to upgrading Jin’s equipment. Particularly his bow.

As such, you need to collect this material in order to upgrade Jin’s ranged weapons.

Throughout the following Ghost of Tsushima guide, we will discuss some locations to get Yew Wood; and how to use it properly in the latest video game developed by Sucker Punch.

Here are some general details.


This material is used in crafting and for bow upgrades.


Jin can carry a total of 500 units in Ghost of Tsushima.

Item Type

Yew Wood is considered a Ghost of Tsushima resource.


“An uncommon wood used by Bowyers to upgrade ranged weapons. Yew trees grow throughout the wilderness of Tsushima.”

Similar Materials

Bamboo and Wax Wood are two materials quite similar to this type of wood.

Ghost Of Tsushima Yew WoodLocations

What Is Yew Wood Used For In Ghost Of Tsushima

As a crafting material along with other types of wood, it is used to upgrade Jin’s bows.

This is done at any Bowyer in friendly or liberated villages.

When a new upgrade is available, you will see the icons of those villages glowing yellow on your map.

How Do You Get Yew Wood

Yew Wood is not as common as Bamboo, but with the Charm of Inari equipped, you will get more than enough simply by exploring the game’s world.

Look for glowing trees like the one in the picture above.

A lot of units can also be obtained while liberating the occupied Mongol Territories.

You can find reeds while looting the areas, especially inside the round tents.

Finally, some of the Trappers, such as the one at Jogaku Temple, sell this material, and a unit costs 25 Supplies.

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